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This newly built health club quickly established itself as one of the best in Egypt - so much so that it is an open secret that several top VIPs travel regularly to Nada to use the facilities.

It employs an international team including two top graduates from separate Cairo universities, a British graduate with a doctorate and five young but qualified and highly experienced masseurs - both male and famale. 

Inside you'll find a spacious reception with a comfortable seating area,  a well equipped gym,  three massage rooms ( one of them a double ), a changing area, showers and toilets, a coiffeur,  a sauna and a generous sized steam room or hammam. 

The hammam is a Middle Eastern tradition which grew from the Islamic ritual of washing prior to prayer but is equally enjoyed by anyone who likes a good soak and  scrub.  For the latter a rough mit is used which enables you to shed all your loose dead skin.   The hammam at Nada is modern and hospital clean and there are massage technicians at hand to give you a body scrub so that you walk out relaxed and glowing.  

There is a wide choice of beauty and massage programmes including face masks, using locally produced herbs from the Sahara and foot reflexology by a fully trained Cairo graduate who is also fully qualified in Turkish massage and physiotherapy.  

But for sheer indulgence our advice is to try the top of the range Cleopatra Programme which is officially scheduled for 90 minutes but usually runs to two hours when the health club is not too busy.  This includes time in the sauna and hammam, a face mask,  a body scrub with coconut and milk and a choice of aromatic, Egyptian or Turkish massage.  You really do emerge looking and feeling much younger than when you went in.

The best value time to visit the health club is in the morning or early afternoon as they are less likely to be busy and are always happy to offer longer programme times without extra charge.  However they always do everything to work around your schedule and staff are always welcoming at any time.  Normal hours are from around 9.15am to around 8pm but you can arrange to visit at a different time by contacting the owner.


The hair stylist  is a top qualifying graduate from Cairo who worked for the Marriot before being poached by Al Nada Resort Health Club.  He offers all the usual range of services plus hair extension, rasta, colouring, make up,  manicure, pedicure and "fatlah."

The traditional technique of Fatlah is a natural, chemical free and relatively pain free way of unwanted hair removal and eyebrow plucking using a cotton thread.  Unlike other forms of hair removal it doesn't cause any skin irritation.

The hairdresser holds one end of the thread in his teeth and the other in the left hand while the middle is looped through the index and middle fingers of his right hand. The loop is then used to trap a series of unwanted hairs and pull them from the skin.  The natural rolling action of the straight cotton thread produces a much tidier result than tweezing. 




To arrange an appointment email and request to forward to the owner of Al Nada Health Club.


            Probably Egypt's Best Health Club.

    Staff are always welcoming and professional

      One of the well presented massage rooms.

The health club jacuzzi - large, clean and luxurious - here with reflections of surrounding furniture.

    Gym has a wide choice of fitness equipment

         There's also a professional tattooist

          Staff relax during a quick lunch break.

           Ask the coiffeur about "fatlah" -
           It's natural and highly effective.



              Photo above - one of the masseurs giving a massage by the hotel pool.

               Photo below - some of the staff relaxing during a quick lunch break.


"N.B.: fatevi fare un massaggio nella spa!!!"
- translation - "Don't forget to get a massage at the spa !"
(16 October 2011)

"Meno male per il centro massaggi!!! Massaggiatori bravissimi!!! Massaggi indimenticabili!!!" - translation - "Thank God for the massage centre.  Bravo masseurs ! Unforgettable !"
(23 March 2012)

"fantastici massaggi al centro benessere" 
- translation - "fantastic massage at the spa."
(8 April 2012)

"o e la mia compagna abbiamo usufruito con grande soddisfazione del centro benessere del villaggio dotato di salette per i massaggi ( consiglio il turkish massage ed il trattamento cleopatra), idromassaggio, sauna e palestra attrezzata." - translation - "Me and my partner were very satisfied by the hotel health club which has massage rooms ( I recommend the Turkish massage and the Cleopatra programme ), whirlpool, sauna and gym."
(19 April 2012)


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