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Brayka Bay Resort - Marsa Alam 5*

Rooms: 483 rooms inc 1 royal suite, 15 senior suites and 2 junior suites

Room facilities: Air conditioning or heating, terrace or balcony, safe, mini-bar, direct dial telephone, bathroom with shower and hairdryer. Wheelchair accessible rooms available.

Location: 45km south of Marsa Alam airport

and 17km north of the town of Marsa Alam.

FacilitiesHealth spa, gym, massage, sunbathing sauna, parasols, snack /pool bar, sun loungers, children's pool, swimming pool (heated in winter), children's playground, medical service, room dervice, overnight laundry , cafe,  shops, bars, 24h reception and check-in, internet, mobile phone network,  restaurant (s) - high chairs, restaurant smoking area and non-smoking area, TV room, game room, conference room, theatre, disco, money exchange, two tennis courts, table tennis, horse and camel riding, mini golf, baby sitting services, daily animation programme.

It's quick and easy to book a room at Brayka Bay Resort by emailing -  You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival. 


As of 5 March 2019, on TripAdvisor Brayka Bay Resort was ranking 14th out of 66 hotels in the Marsa Alam region, an impressive improvement on its score of 21st in January 2018.  Guest satisfaction has also soared with the proportion of reviews rating the hotel as very good or excellent improving significantly from 82% in January 2018 to 88% as of March 2019, while the proportion of reviews rating the hotel as poor or terrible has dropped from 4.5% to 3.5%

The ratings, as of 6 March 2019, were mostly good and saw improvements in several categories compared with January 2018. The hotel's overall score rose slightly to 5.1 out of a maximum six stars and the ratings for sport and location also rose, although the rooms category declined compared with January 2018 ( see table in the adjacent right hand column ). The best categories were in service (5.1), sport (5.0) and location (5.2) with rooms (4.6) and gastronomy (4.4) lagging some way behind.  However the proportion of guests who would recommend the hotel remained at an impressive rate of 90% (no change on on either January 2018 or January 2017) and an improvement on the 88% figure for September 2016. 

Guest reviews on Trip Advisor, Holiday Check and Holiday Watchdog have been generally positive - 


"It was good choice for good price. Compared to other resorts, coral in Royal Brayka Beach Resort is very good! There are 2 big areas where you can snorkel directly from beach. You can also go for a diving or snorkeling trip by boat. Nice beach and couple of pools where my kids spent most of time.... Rooms and restaurant was just ok, all inclusive worked ok."
( Piotr 31 December 2017 )

"Brayka Bay Reef Resort is a really good place for vacation . Beautiful garden, beach and coral reef, good food, friendly staff and the best animation team !"
( Marta 14 August 2016 ) 

"This hotel is beautiful. I don't know what paradise looks like, but I would imagine this would be what it would look like. The staff work hard to ensure visitors stay is comfortable and memorable."
( Agnes 10 August 2016 ) 

"I was on holiday wit my mom in Brayka and i am really in love with this place and people!! The most beautifull place i saw in my life and great people, really miss it."
( Nika 5 July 2016 )  

"We were already on our tenth visit to Brayka Bay and we still found it to be great.  The reef especially impressed us again and again. We had already had encounters with dolphins, turtles, eagle rays and much more. The staff are generally very friendly and you will be looked after individually."
( Gerhard May 2016 )
(This reviewer awarded the hotel six out of six stars )

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday, that is the place to go. the coral reef here is the best..just few steps away from the room! "
(Jacqlyn TripAdvisor 18 January 2013 )

"You cant really go wrong if you pick Brayka Bay, is hot, peaceful, eat and drink as much as, the beach is good the reef is OK, rooms clean and large, airport transfers good. The only downside is they lack imagination in the food department."
(  Trip Advisor 26 August 2011 ) 

"All in all, we were most impressed with Brayka Bay and would love to return."
( Trip Advisor 15 August 2011 ) 

"I loved this place, so much so I am already looking at dates for August!"
(  Trip Advisor 21 June 2011 ) 

"Great place to stay if you want to relax, also good for young children with small pool and play areas." 
(  Trip Advisor 22 May 2011 ) 


"The sea and sandy beach is very clean and it is possible to enter without shoes. The bay offers snorkeling with many fishes and good swimming (no problem with waves........., it was always possible to swim. Clean towels at the beach each day,"  
( Monika 4 August 2016 )

"The biggest advantage is total lack of waves. We spent 14 days out there and we had three stormy days, and still due to very good location and deeeeeep bay inland, we were able to snorkel with no problems. 10 cm high waves maximum that reached us in the bay. Left reef totally different from the right one. On the left you might have notice more fish whereas on the right there was a beautiful still corrals and morays."
( Czekay 27 April 2016 ) 

"I just came back from a one week holiday in Brayka Bay Reef Resort. I can confirm that the house reef may possibly be one of the best you may ever see in your life. Don’t bother to snorkel on the north reef (left hand side of the bay), simply spend your days on the south reef. You’ll be amazed by mountains of coral just off the beach with a diversity of beautiful fish."
( Nubli 3 March 2016 ) 

"it is one of the best bays for snorkeling and diving anywhere in the world. The bay has two pristine reefs where you can see amazing coral, moray eels, turtles, schools of mackerel and barracuda, not to mention eagle rays and the odd reef shark and schools of dolphins. Xtra divers is a really good dive centre and has a zodiac to take you round the bay so you can snorkel back at your leisure."
( Eve 14 January 2016 ) 

"The bay offers amazing opportunity to watch very colorful fish without even snorkeling. It's ideal for kids as the water is not very deep and the sea is very safe." ( Clotfy 4 January 2016 ) 

"The reef is excellent, easy to reach and even our younger children were able to snorkell safely in the bay. Actually, the reef continues along the entire shore and a good swimmer can go out of the bay to the "open" sea."
( Trip Advisor 14 April 2012 ) 

"The range of fish that can be seen in even the shallowest of waters is amazing. Each time we snorkelled we saw fish we had not seen previously: the varieties are absolutely amazing. Our main reason for holidaying in Egypt is for the snorkelling and we were very pleased with this aspect of the Brakya Bay."
( Trip Advisor 8 February 2012 ) 

"Even with the January temperatures you could spend a long time snorkelling"
( Holiday Check February 2012 )

"We regularly saw turtles which were so friendly and wonderful to watch. We were also lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to engage with a very friendly dolphin. The sheer number and size of some species is remarkable i.e lion fish, surgeon fish andand unicorn fish. What a sight!! ......You must must must get your mask and snorkel on and take a look at the best sights and colours beneath you in the sea."
( Trip Advisor 27 January 2012 ) 

"The reef is fantastic. I have never seen anything like it. I am not a strong swimmer and do not like to be out of my depth so have never really bothered to snorkle before. Coming to this hotel has totally changed me, I saw most at waist depth. We got to see Sting Rays, Bottlenose Dolphins, Giant Turtles, Puffa Fish etc etc I couldn't name even half."
( Trip Advisor 21 June 2011 ) 


"The beach is very long (1,3 km). 60% of this length you can’t enter the sea to protect the reef and for your safety. The other 40% is accessible from the sandy beach. Here you can enter the sea over the slightly sloping sand. So it is safe for children. This part of the beach is the busiest. Luckily there is a part of the beach reserved for the quieter tourists." 
( Jve 22 November 2015 ) 

"La spiaggia non e molto grande, sopratutto considerando la capienza della struttura, ma uno dei pochi che ha l'accesso diretto in mare dalla spiaggia." Translation - 
The beach is not very big, especially considering the capacity of the hotel, but it is one of only a few ( in Marsa Alam ) which has direct access from the beach into the sea.
( Trip Advisor 8 February 2012 ) 

"Beach is a horse shoe shape, walk in routes through the coral so no need for a boat or pontoons a godsend. Beach is a mixture of gravel (man made) and powder white sand. More than enough beds and brollies."
( Trip Advisor 26 August 2011 ) 


"The best part of Brayka ( beside the beautiful reef and bay ) is the staff. From the management all the way to house keeping ; everybody tries to do their utmost to make you feel welcome and special. Egypt and especially Brayka deserves more guests than are present at the moment."
( Kees 10 August 2016 )

"The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. They are trying to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Bartenders and waiters are smiling and they are masters in their field. And the biggest thanks belong to Animation team...... They prepare each day lots of activities and made our holidays unforgettable."
( Kristina 4 August 2016 )  

"We had a fairly hard mattress on the bed and it was replaced immediately and without any problem for a softer one."  ( Gerhard May 2016)
( This reviewer awarded the hotel six out of six stars )

"All employees friendly even gardeners. You dont have to tip, nobody asked for tips, but i guarantee you will. 1€ makes their smile bigger..... and you will have roses on your well made beds."
( Czech 13 December 2015 ).

Le personnel est très sympathique, des hommes de ménage aux serveurs en passant par la réception. Vous n'aurez que des sourires."   Translation - The staff are very nice, from the men of the housekeeping to the waiters to the receptionists.  You only get smiles.
(  Trip Advisor 1 May 2012 ) 

"The Resort had a “guest relation service “, which took care of the guests. The beds were hard, so asked for an extra mattress. Within an hour it was fixed."
(  Trip Advisor 19 February 2012 ) 

"Tireless, friendly, clean, fast - there was nothing to moan about.  And if you speak English you can get along well.  There are even some who speak a little German."
( Holiday Check February 2012 ) 

"The staff were wonderfully friendly and helpful at all times and being disabled they couldn't do enough to help."
(  Trip Advisor 27 January 2012 ) 

"the most friendly and helpful staff we have come across in Egypt (reception, restaurant, gardeners, housekeeping - you name it, they were great)."
(  Trip Advisor 21 November 2011 ) 

"The hotel staff are very polite and courteous and clean up very efficiently and have amazing strength in how many plates they can carry on a tray!!"
(  Trip Advisor 17 September 2011 ) 

"Staff - always helpful, polite and worked very hard to please. "
(  Trip Advisor 15 August 2011 ) 

"The staff were polite and helpful especially Amir at the Beach Bar and Mohammed who books the Taxi's they did all they could to make sure we had the best holiday we could and couldn't do enough to make you feel welcome."
(  Trip Advisor 21 June 2011 )


"The food in the morning for lunch and dinner was consistently OK, you actually always found something, if not at the buffet, then at the big noodle station."  
( Kathrin and Dirk June 2016 )
(Kathrin & Dirk rated the gastronomy at 4/6 stars)

"The food was international. Even vegan food was available. The atmosphere was great. Our table was on the terrace and there was nothing to complain about."
( Waltraut May 2016 ) 
( Waltraut rated the gastronomy at 6/6 stars ) 

"We have always found the food very tasty, with an international menu and an Egyptian night which we love."  

( Eve 14 January 2016 ) 

"Breakfast was very good. Lunch and dinner was ok, salad very good, main gourses were reasonable. However by comparison to the stays four or five years ago, it has unfortunately changed to the negative, but the food remains good.  The cleanliness was OK....(but) crockery etc could be better cleaned."
( Herald September 2012 ) 

"The restaurant very nice and clean, and we're in Egypt, the food is very good, wide choice of first, second and especially sweet ... very good! For those who want the carbonara pizza or lasagne or my Italian advice "just stand at home," No you can not expect the Italian cuisine abroad."
( koalino 27 August 2012 )

"The breakfast was very good: fresh sweet pastries, the bread however always from the night before, fresh fruits, warm dishes, a chef prepared all kinds of omelets, Rindfleischwurst, hard cheese and Feta of all types."
( February 2012 )

"We were here on a diving holiday and Extra Divers were superb - huge variety, really well organised and again really amazing staff. If you get tired of the buffet (food is standard AI fayre) then there is a good Italian restaurant on site where you can buy dinner at very reasonable rate and still have all the AI"
( Trip Advisor 21 November 2011 ) 

"The food is AMAZING massive selection and the salad bar is staggering I totally recommend the yoghurt dressing!!   The BBQ is awesome and freshly made pasta on demand the soups are delicious and if you like bread and cakes you wont be dissapointed.My waist line has suffered!!"
( Trip Advisor 17 September 2011 ) 

"Big choice of European food. The salad bar is delicious and very varied. The bread is really yummy. My only complaint is that they over fed us and it was hard to stop yourself overindulging."
(  Trip Advisor 15 September 2011 ) 

"Food was fab - an extensive menu at each meal and beauifully presented."
( Trip Advisor 15 August 2011 ) 

"Each meal had a wonderful variety the soups were all home made and my favourite was the Mushroom soup , it was very filling and tasty. The selection of salad items was staggering as was also the main courses , this isnt even mentioning the nightly BBQ."
( Trip Advisor 24 June 2011 ) 

"The food was very tasty, considering you hear all these stories about people getting ill in Egypt. Even I was sceptical when we booked.  I am so happy to say I was worrying for nothing. It was lovely food. The fish was always good at Brayka and the BBQ night was one of my favourite things about this hotel."
( Trip Advisor 21 June 2011 ) 


"Sufficiently large room (about 28 square meters) with a desk, small minibar, large closet with safe, small sitting area, large balcony, relatively hard mattresses, large bathroom with powerful, hot shower."
( Eva June 2016 )
( Eva awarded the hotel & the rooms 5 out of 6 stars )

"Air conditioning, safe, hairdryer, TV (for example, ZDF)..... etc. available. All in all - for us all super!" 
( Heike and Olaf May 2016 )
( They awarded 6 out of 6 stars for the rooms & hotel )

"we were upgraded to a superior room right off the beach and the room was very spacious and impeccable. It had a terrasse with a small table with a beautiful view of the bay. The bathroom was big and working perfectly. If you shower after 10.00pm the water is lukewarm so if you want a hot shower get one before. The room has all the usual facilities: TV, AC, minibar fridge and a huge bed"  Very, very large, clean and tidy rooms. The room cleaning and towel change took place daily."
( Katizza 8 July 2012 ) 

"The location of our superior room was excellent, close to the swimming pool and overlooking the bay. Excellent cleaning, air conditioning OK and for the first time a silent fridge, replenished daily with bottled water. Only the furniture was a little aged."
( Francesca 31 August 2012 ) 

"The rooms in Brayka Bay (there is now a new part of the hotel opened, named Brayka Royal) need restoration, but they are clean, the guy comes every day, exchanges the towels and cleans quite properly. The air conditioning was efficient."   
( Katarzyna 7 August 2012 )

"The room had all the usual facilities: TV, AC, minibar fridge and a HUGE bed. Everything was super clean and towels were change 3 times in one week....  - all rooms are facing the sea, even those that are far from the beach."
( Katizza 8 July 2012 )

"Our rooms were all quite large - about 26 square metres. You had enough space in the room and a very large balcony. In the bathroom there was also lots of space. The rooms were not newly decorated, but they were always clean and the furniture reasonable."
( Hannelore June 2012 )

"Huge, comfortable, with a terrace, TV, safe and air conditioning ( but only for colling ). Very clean.   The cleaning of the rooms is daily and thorough - once again thanks to our roomboy Ahmed !"
( February 2012 )

"The rooms are large and spotless with really big bathrooms.  We had a ground floor room with stunning views of the immaculate gardens leading to the beach."
( Trip Advisor 15 September 2011 ) 

"The rooms are more than satisfying in size. The balcony is large. The bathroom is nice. The air-conditioning was superb. Only the beds are quite hard, which was not a problem to us as we rather like a hard bed rather than a soft one were the sides close you in when you lay down. The refrigerator is rather small and we could only fit in the free bottles with water by laying them down. This meant they would roll out after opening the door.   We had a small problem with the safe and the remote control of one of the TV’s, but maintenance very quickly took care of that in a professional and polite way."
( Trip Advisor 15 August 2011 ) 

"Every day coming back to my room there would be a beautiful creation of some kind on the bed, swans, aligators, flowers, cobra's, love hearts it really does bring a smile to your face."
( Trip Advisor 21 June 2011 ) 


"The swimming pool has its own bar, where you can sit in the water. They serve free towels for the sun beds. Only there are not enough sun beds around the swimming pool. And before 8 o’clock every sun bed is taken. The beach has more than sufficient sun beds available."
(  Trip Advisor 15 August 2011 ) 

"The pool was also very clean, nice depth and size, there was actually a man by the pool that took care of it, even mopping up when drinks were spilt, he was brilliant for that, he done a good job."
(  Trip Advisor 21 June 2011 ) 


"First thing that we were astonished was an amazing and never ending palm valleys... For the first time in my life I was able to see so many different types of palms: short, tall, thick and bush like... THAT WAS WOW effect! So colourful that it looked like a biblical oasis in the middle of the desert."  
( Czekay 27 April 2016 )

"The grounds are in pristine condition. Lots of green (one can wonder how much water is wasted on maintaining it in the middle of desert)."
( Geronimo 11 December 2015 ) 

" the gardens where well kept and had a lot of flowers. It didn't feel like being in the desert."
( Katizza 8 July 2012 )

"The garden is beautifully laid out, and the gardeners were always at work the whole day - even in the heat."
( Hannelore June 2012 )

"The grounds and gardens are beautiful (providing employment for many!), and there was plenty of bird life around when we were there."
( Trip Advisor 21 April 2012 ) 

"Inside the Resort area it was a garden with green lawn, flowers and palms trees. It was very nice."
( Trip Advisor 19 February 2012 ) 

"The resort is very green. We wondered how they were able to keep green grass in the resort in the middle of the desert. But a small army of workers is looking after that."
( Trip Advisor 15 August 2011 ) 

"The flowers and lawns were exellent, there was always somebody watering and tending the gardens."
( Trip Advisor 22 May 2011 ) 


"Many Thanks to Ali and Mohammed for organising the fantastic horse riding they organised for us,I have horses and they are very well looked after and very loved by Ibrihim their owner and the boys who look after them."
(  Trip Advisor 17 September 2011 ) 


"Spa was great ! We had several massages and we really felt relaxed."
( Holiday Check December 2011 ) 

"Go to the Spa. I had facials and a Cleapatra scrub and massage ..fantastic experience."
( Trip Advisor 17 September 2011 ) 

"The staff from the "wellness centre" do come and tout for business on the beach which is mildly irritating. We booked a massage, which then turned into two massages, but actually you can negotiate quite a good deal (and the massages were nice!). Didn't use the gym, but it looked spacious and well-equipped."
( Holiday Watchdog April 2012 )

It's quick and easy to book a room at Brayka Bay Resort by emailing -  You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival. 


Read the reviews on Brayka Bay Reef Resort at

Read the reviews on Brayka Bay Reef Resort at

Check out the hotel's own website -

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Check rates and book a resort at Brayka Bay with


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Table A - TripAdvisor Guest Ratings & Satisfaction.

 Date  Ranking       % v good or            excellent        % poor or                terrible 
06/2013  26th/68         76%        11.0%
09/2016  14th/74          82%          9.0%
02/2017  10th/74          83%          7.0%
01/2018  21st/68         82%          4.5%
03/2019 14th/66         88%          3.5%

Table B: HolidayCheck Guest Ratings & Satisfaction.

 Date Overall  Service Sport location   rooms  food
06/2013   4.8   5.1  4.8   4.5  5.0  4.6
09/2016  5.0   5.2  5.1   4.8  5.1  4.9
01/2017   5.1   5.2  5.2   4.8  5.1  4.9
01/2018   5.0   5.1  4.9   4.9  4.8  4.4
03/2019  5.1   5.1  5.0   5.2  4.6  4.4

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sadly the commentary is not in English.
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     One of the best hotel beaches in Marsa Alam.

                   Another beach view

                           and  another. 

 The hotel gardens are like a beautiful desert oasis.

           Comfortable well furnished rooms.

                    Comfy beds and towel art.

         Rooms have balconies with sea views.

    Hotel has an impressively elegant reception.

                  View from another angle

                Brayka Bay Swimming Pool

So many palm trees - you really are swimming in a desert oasis but don't stop to think how much precious water is needed.  On the plus side birds migrating along the coast seem grateful for it.  

                      Another Pool View

                           And another.  

          And Yet Another - Very Nice Though.

                           Main Restaurant

                        The reception desk

   Another room view with sculptured towels !

    Rare to find such a sandy beach in Marsa Alam.

                        Another beach view

                                   And another. 

Beach encircled by so many trees and flowers that it's easy to forget that the hotel is surrounded by hundreds of miles of desert. 

   Beautiful flowers can be found across the hotel.

            Restaurant staff on barbecue night

             Hotel has vast expanse of gardens

          An aerial view of the hotel gardens

                             The pool bar

                   Sunrise over Brayka Bay 


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