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The hotel's official name has now changed to the Dessole Alexander The Great but most people still know it as the Cataract, Marsa Alam. 

: 384

Room facilities: Air conditioning and heating, mini-bar, satellite television, direct dial telephone, microwave oven, radio, refrigerator, hair dryer, safe desk, kitchen, balcony and bathroom with bath tub and shower

Location: 30km south of Marsa Alam airport
and 31km north of Marsa Alam town.

Facilities: include open-air disco, live bands, animation shows, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, children's pool, kid's fun area, billiards table, roller skating, volleyball, 4 tennis court, bicycling, water polo, camel/horse riding and souvenir and bookshop.

Book a room:
 You can book a room at Dessole Alexander the Great Resort by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival.  


On TripAdvisor, as of 20 May 2019, there had been no new reviews since the last time we checked in February 2018, however somehow its ranking had improved marginally to 57th out of 69 hotels compared with its February 2018 ranking at 63rd out of 68 hotels in the Marsa Alam region. It was also up on its ranking of 70th out of 74 hotels attained in January 2017, but ranked marginally worse than its ranking of 54th out of 67 hotels back in July 2013. The data based on all the old reviews up until May 2017, showed that almost half of all reviewers (49.4%) rated the resort as either "very good" or "excellent" (down slightly from 51% in 2013) and just over one third (34.5%) rated it as either "poor" or "terrible" (up marginally from 33 per cent in 2013). 

Please note that as of 20 May 2019 there have been only three reviews (in Russian) since 2015, and the last posted on 17 May 2017 referred to a visit almost a year earlier, so if the number of reviews reflects the umber of visitors it's possible you might find that the hotel is very quiet and it might be advisable to check to make sure its open if you wish to book.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the current star rating for the hotel on but I might have missed it so please update us on steven@marsaalam if you have the url of any page on the website which gives the current rating. However, as of July 2013, the hotel's average score on was rated at an impressive 5.2 out of six stars but the last of the seven reviews had been written in October 2010 and were so old that HolidayCheck had archived them.  For what it's worth, the best scores were awarded to rooms at 5.4, food at 5.2 and sport at 5.3 with lower scores for service at 4.8 and location at 4.7.  The reviews had all been filed under the name Hotel Dessole Alexander the Great.

Generally guest reviews on TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck have been mixed but mostly positive


"We went twice to the reef and swam with dolphins and turtles."
( 5 October 2011 )

"Beautiful reef..... We saw moray, turtles and manta rays."
( 31 January 2011 ) 

"The sea compensates for any negatives with the actual is very beautiful, you know it as soon as you walk on to the beach.....There's a jetty to dive into the blue sea beyond the reef."
( 28 September 2010 ) 

"The sea water is the same quality as around the Maldive Islands and the reef nearby leaves nothing to be desired."
( Martina & Uwe March 2010 ) 

"The hotel is on a great beach, a paradise for snorkelers..... On the beach there is a bar where light snacks are offered."
( Richard March 2010 )

"The beach is very flat but the reef very steep.  At low tide the water only up to the knees.  The underwater world is fantastic. You can admire while snorkeling every day....  Beach shoes highly recommended."
( Daniel March 2010 ) 


"The food was quite OK"
( 18 May 2012 ) 

"Poor food with little variety."
( 16 January 2012 ) 

"Food in the restaurant varied and very tasty, lots of meat, fish, pastries (you name it !) and very good beer and wine."
( 23 September 2011 ) 

"Had to fight to find a table and the pasta was like glue."
( 25 March 2011 ) 

"I loved the food, lots of nice salads and fish everyday and cakes (but) I could not drink the wine, red or white. It was....just cheap and nasty.  So bring your own. Very expensive to buy locally.  But the beer was great !"
( 13 January 2011 ) 

"The restaurant is very clean, the food delicious and the staff very friendly."
( Richard March 2010 ) 

"The selection of dishes in the restaurant was plentiful and the quality was really good."
( Ingo March 2010 ) 


"Friendly and helpful staff."
( 16 January 2012 )

"My sister and I found the staff very helpful.... They go out of their way to help."
( 21 December 2010 )  

"Staff very friendly and can't do enough for you."
( 11 November 2010 ) 


"The beds are comfortable with new bed linen."
( 21 July 2011 )

"Clean rooms, although they require refreshing."
( 31 January 2011 )  

"All the rooms had either a balcony or a small outside terrace with furniture.  Our room was a bit dated but clean and tidy. No complaints at all."
( 13 January 2011 ) 


"Very beautiful, lush greenery and flowers."
( 23 September 2011 ) 


"I absolutely loved the Egyptian massage.  I have had many in my life but this was the best ever."
( 13 January 2011 ) 


"It was a wonderful holiday and I would definitely stay there again."
( 5 October 2011 ) 

"On the whole the holiday was just perfect - the staff was not intrusive and there were absolutely no problems."
( 21 July 2011 )  

"I have just returned.....and would certainly come back. I recommend it for people who appreciate peace."
( 31 January 2011 ) 

"Very peaceful place. Very relaxed atmosphere. Would go there again. Great value for money."
( 11 November 2010 ) 

"The hotel is getting old, but everything is very clean and well maintained."
( Martina & Uwe March 2010 ) 

"Had a great one week vacation at a good price to performance ratio."
( Ingo March 2010 ) 

"All in all, the price/performance ratio okay and I would come back to this hotel."
( Daniel March 2010 ) 

"The nicest Egypt vacation that I've ever had !"
( April 2006 ) 

You can book a room at the Dessole Alexander the Great Resort by  emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival.  


Check out the hotel's own website. 

Check rates or book a room at the Dessole Alexander the Great Resort at

Read the reviews on the Dessole Alexander the Great Resort on TripAdvisor  

Read information and if posted also reviews on the Dessole Alexnader the Great Resort on


                       VIDEOS AND PHOTOS

Dessole Alexander the Great - Promotional Video
Jan 2017 - 4.55 mins - 1+ likes - 3+ views 

Promotional video for Dessole Alexander in Russian
Dec 2018 - 3.00 mins - 1+ likes - 13+ views 

Video of guests and animation having fun on the beach
Jan 2012 - 4.16 mins - 2+ likes - 1,400+ views 

                       Dinner by candlelight

                                 Room view

        Early evening drinks overlooking the sea.

                  Aerial view of the pool.

        Another view across the pool and hotel.

                            Great snorkeling

                         An amazing reef.

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