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Rooms: 120

Room facilities: Air conditioning, babycot (free of charge ), ensuite bathroom with shower, mini-fridge, satellite or cable television, terrace or balcony.

Location: 36km north of Marsa Alam airport towards El Quseir or 27 km south of El Quseir.  

Hotel facilities: A la carte and buffet restaurant, beach bar and pool bar, two swimming pools (including osne for children), shops, laundry, 24hrs reception, basketball, cafe, car rental, children's (kids) Club, currency exchange, disco, diving centre, in-house doctor, laundry, mini football, shops, car parking, photo shop and photographer, table tennis, private beach, safe, table football, taxi service, tennis court, TV lounge, volleyball.


Tel: +2065330031/32/33
Fax: +2065330030


On, as of 28 May 2019, Cinderella Beach Resort was ranked 11th out of 11 resorts in the El Quseir region with no recent reviews. El Quseir is a small historic market town to the north of Marsa Alam airport.

As of 28 May 2019, 43.2 per cent of reviewers rated the hotel as either 'very good' or 'excellent' ( unchanged on 2018 ), while 26.3% rated it as 'poor' or 'terrible' ( also unchanged on 2018 ). The figures for the last three dates we checked TripAdvisor are given in the table below and they do show an improvement between 2013 and 2018. Please note that prior to 2018 the ratings were rounded to the nearest percentage point.

Date  Aug 2013   Feb   2018   May   2019 
Ranking  8th/9  9th/11     11th/11
"very good"
or "excellent"
  46.0%  43.2%       43.2%
or "terrible"
  28.0%  26.3%      26.3%

On, as of 28 May 2019, I wasn't able to find any current star ratings given, presumably since no one appears to have posted a review on the site since 2012. Nor was there any rating given the last time I checked in February 2018. However, as of August 2013, it had an average assessment of 3.5 out of six stars, with the best scores for service at 4.1 and location at 3.8 and lower scores for rooms and gastronomy at 3.5 and sport at 3.1. Back in 2013 50 per cent of reviewers said that they would recommend the hotel.


As recently as June 2017, one tourist posted on TripAdvisor informing other users that they had found the resort closed.

"It was a beautiful place on the coast. I spent ten beautiful holidays at Cinderella. Small and cosy with a fabulous sea. Not is looks like a scene from Armageddon. Unfortunately it is now closed with sand everywhere. Everything is falling apart. The beach has remained untouched, beautiful and wild. Wake up, do something !"
( approximate translation from the original Elena 4 June 2017 )

Four years earlier another tourist claimed that she had booked a room only to discover the hotel was closed on arrival -

"Attention before heading to Cinderella make sure it is open. We had book January 1 to 4th (2013 )... but once we got there it was closed and no one had warned us."
( Silvia-Stefi 26 January 2013 ) 

Reviews on TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck have been mixed but with a reasonable number of positive comments - 


 "The beach was a short walk from our room, it was clean with sun loungers and shade. The sea was clear warm and blue and you could see this tropical fish swimming around your feet, bit freaky at first but I soon got used to them being there."
( Tracy 3 August 2015 )

"Gorgeous area ! The hotel lies between El Quseir and Marsa Alam directly on its own beach with a wonderful reef nearby. A dream for snorkelers. You go out of the bungalow and can already hear the sound of the sea ! Beautiful sandy beach but in the water you definitely need shoes due to the coral."
( Melanie September 2012 )

"The sea and the beach of the hotel are really worth seeing. There is a nearby reef of pink coral."
( 10 April 2012 ) 

"Many species of fish such as lionfish, trumpet, etc. spotted stringray etc."
( 17 January 2012 ) 

"The beach is beautiful and the reef is one of the best in the Red Sea."
( July 2003 ) 

"Access across the reef is not always easy, but on the beach side of the reef there are rock pools teeming with fish of brilliant colours."
( 11 November 2011 ) 


"The hotel staff were amazing and spoke fairly good English and were always there to help."
( Tracy 3 August 2015 )

"The staff were always friendly and attentive... I was very impressed. With English or German one can get along well. The rooms were cleaned daily and complaints dealt with promptly. Our TV didn't work on the first day but was promptly repaired the next. Great."
( Melanie September 2012 ) 

"The staff are so lovely and, can't do enough for you."
( 4 June 2012 ) 

"Service of the highest level.  Friendly staff."
( 25 January 2012 ) 

"We had a really beautiful week with a very friendly staff."
( Jenny January 2012 ) 

"The staff are generally very friendly, everything is very individual and personal; you will be treated not as a number, but addressed by name."
( Frank January 2012 ) 

"Staff were fantastic and made the best out of bad situations and were very friendly"
( June 2008 )


 "Food a bit hit and miss at times, but lovely breads, fruit and desserts. Put it this way. I did not starve."
( Tracy 3 August 2015 )

"The buffet was not as flamboyant as other hotels and more straightforward but still delicious. Selection was enough, even if some individual meals were repeated and for two weeks absolutely sufficient and satisfactory. From fresh omelets and crepes in the morning up to barbecues, local side dishes and meals of all kinds, everything was available."
( Melanie September 2012 )

"Food was better than expected after reading some reviews - bit same most days but lots of fresh veg."
( June 2008 ) 


"Cleanliness of the room was more than fine. Daily cleaning and fresh towels. Air conditioning, TV and mini bar with daily fresh water in the room."
( Melanie September 2012 ) 

"You have good air con in the room which is needed due to it being so hot, the cleaner who does your room daily makes cool things out of towels for you which is a nice touch."
( 4 June 2012 ) 

"The rooms are spartan but clean and with a small outdoor seating area."
( 12 April 2012 ) 

"Rooms are large, clean and cleaned daily. Terrace, fridge, safe, phone, TV.... bathroom with shower, two beds, couch, desk, chair, air conditioning (old)... All rooms are ground level and have a terrace.  Mine had a terrace overlooking the beach which was only a few metres away."
( Frank January 2012 )


"Very quiet really enjoyable. In my view, the problem lies with the management and the owner, who has made no investment for years and so everything was a little run down. Actually they could make much out of it."
( Expedia Traveller 5 Sept 2012 )  

"I feel the hotel wasn't 100% but the people and the service and beach well and truely made up for it, 100 times over... If you want to book you need to go direct to the hotel number found on the website (or below), and book that way. Thomason (for British guests) fly to Marsa Alam on a Wednesday with a pick up the following Wednesday."
( 4 June 2012 ) 

"Excellent quality/price ratio"
( 21 February 2012 ) 

"If you want to stay in a calm place with everything you need, this is the place for you. Beautiful beach, kindly waiters and staff, good food."
( 11 January 2012 )  

"bottomline - a good cheap hotel with average service."
( 17 September 2010 ) 

"We had a wonderful week at the Cinderella and willl definitely go back there again."
( Lisa March 2010 ) 

"Cinderella Beach! - more ugly sister......Rooms, towels grey/ frayed/shabby. Shower fittings/curtain disgusting."
( July 2008 )

"We got a very good deal for our holiday and loved every minute.......This hotel is a 3 star and you get what you pay for, but in our opinion just fantastic!!! "
( June 2008 )

"If you want a quiet holiday with a quiet beach and a blue sky then this is ideal." 
( Holiday WatchdogWatchdog May 2008 )  


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Cinderella Beach Photos & Videos

                   Cinderella Reception

                   Cinderella Bedroom

Slide show around the resort set to music.
May 2011 - 2.39 minutes - over 200 views. 


Slide show of the resort, the reef and the nearby town of El Quseir. Sept 2009 - over 1,000 views.

Slide show around the resort.
August 2009 - 4.14 minutes - over 500 views. 

Slide show in silence around the resort.
April 2013 - 1.29 minutes. 

Brief video of waves breaking on the house reef at Cinderella plus a few fish.  
Youtube - March 2010 - 32 seconds. 

                 Cinderella Beach Pool

                        Another pool view

                        The Beach

                     Another beach view

                         And again another !


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