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Three Corners Equinox guests are happiest about the "stunning dives" and the "great beaches." The hotel is highly recommended for divers, snorkelers, wind surfers and kite surfers who don't mind a fairly average standard of hotel. It is also good for families as it has one of the few beaches in the Marsa Alam area where you can wade directly into the sea. 

: 232 inc 16 suites and 53 connecting rooms arranged across four buildings on three floors. 

Room facilities: Air conditioning, private balcony, mini-bar, satellite TV, private bathroom and direct dial telephone.

Location: A 25 minute drive (30km) south of Marsa Alam airport and 32km north of the town of Marsa Alam.

Hotel facilities: Private marina 500 metres from the hotel. 230m long and 5m wide it can accommodate up to 25 boats, main restaurant with 250 seats and sea view, Italian restaurant, beach BBQ, snack bar, 3 metre deep outdoor swimming pool, lectures on Arabic language and Egyptology, Nubian shows, belly dancing, beach volleyball, table tennis, fax services, wireless internet, shopping and safe deposit box at reception.

Booking a room:

You can book a room at The Three Corners Equinox Beach Resort (previously known as Equinox El Nabaa ) by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival.  

Reviews: When it comes to ratings on TripAdvisor, Three Corners Equinox is probably a leading contender for the most improved hotel in the Marsa Alam region. As of 25 May 2019, the resort was ranked at an impressive 10th out of 69 hotels, which is a significant advance on its position of 13th out of 68 hotels in February 2018,  a huge improvement on its ranking of 34th of 74 in 2017 and even bigger leap upwards from its earlier lowish rank of 49th out of 64 in July 2013, when the resort was under different management. 

There has also been a marked increase in the proportion of reviewers rating the resort as either "very good" or "excellent." 93.7% as of 25 May 2019, compared to 90.7% in February 2018 and just 46% back in July 2013. Meanwhile, the proportion of reviewers rating the resort as either "poor" or "terrible" dropped sharply from 32% in July 2013, to 9% by January 2017 and to just 1.4% by 25 May 2019. You can also check out the figures for the last four times we checked TripAdvisor in the table below but please note that prior to 2018, the results were rounded to the nearest percentage. 

Date checked July
Ranking  49th/64  34th/74  13th/68  10th/69
% "very good"
or  "excellent"
    46%      90%    90.7%    93.7%
% "poor"
or "terrible" 
    32%       9%     2.1%     1.4%

On, as of 25 May 2019, Three Corners Equinox scored an impressive 5.2 out of six stars, up significantly from its already respectable 4.8 out of six stars in July 2013, with the highest average scores for service at 5.3 (unchanged since 2013), gastronomy at 5.1 (up from 4.8) and sport and entertainment also at 5.1 (a big improvement on 4.3 in 2013) with slightly lower scores for location at 5.0 (up from 4.6 in 2013) and rooms lagging at 4.9 (the only decliner since 2013, having fallen from 5.4).  92 per cent of HolidayCheck reviewers said that they would recommend the resort, which though down slightly on the 93 per cent score in both February 2018 and January 2017, was a big improvement on the already healthy 80 per cent level of recommendation achieved in July 2013. 

 Date Jul 
% recomm    80%    93%   93%   92%
hotel     4.8    5.1   5.2   5.2
service    5.3    5.4   5.5   5.3
gastronomy    4.8    5.2   5.2   5.1
rooms    5.4    5.1   5.1   4.9
sport and ent.    4.3    5.1   5.1   5.1
location    4.6    4.7   4.9   5.0

Reviews on TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck have been mostly positive.


"It was a good holiday and I spent a good time with the lovely staff there. I hope I will come back soon. First, the rooms are so clean and tidy. Second, the restaurant, the food is so good... Third, the animation team are soooooo great. I loved spending the whole time with them."
( Mohanad 17 February 2018 )

"The hotel has a great location right on the sea with a beautiful, long beach The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. The only negative (if any) were the constant sales offensives for spa, massages, excursions, etc."
( Johannes February 2018 - approximate translation from the original )

"I read a lot of negative reviews (but the) hotel was very nice, clean rooms cleaned daily and buffet-style choice at meals. At the pool free sun loungers and parasols and an intimate atmosphere with no crowds. Everyone can relax and moreover the hotel has its' own beach, very nice garden and beautiful views. Friendly service too."
( MagdalenaEwa 27 June 2013 ) 

"Comfortable family hotel in a totally unique location; the natural eco system of El Nabaa provides stunning dives, great beaches and the hotel gardens are beautiful....  This was our second visit and we will certainly be back soon."
( 20 April 2012 ) 

"The hotel is simple and pleasant, charming staff. We spent two weeks and will return if the opportunity arises ( great price/quality ratio )... A great place for divers, snorkelers and kite surfers but may be too isolated for archeology or nightclub fans."
( 23 December 2011 ) 

"Yes I would go again....  I recommend it to those who really want to relax because outside the hotel there is practically nothing - only desert !"
( 6 December 2011 ) 

"In conclusion we had a great time and would stay there again...  yes again. I love this country !"
( 22 June 2011 ) 

"A very pleasant diving holiday"
( 22 May 2011 ) 

"A hotel for those seeking peace....  If you are looking for entertainment this is not the place to go."
( Claudia September 2009 )

 "The service was great and the food was awesome.............. If you're looking for a nice and quite hotel away from the crowd and interested in diving and snorkling, this is the one."
(  14 February 2007 )


"The beach is just down a few steps from the Panama Bar and you'll find Equinox divers located here....these guys are brilliant and whether you're an experienced diver or just wanting to try out scuba for the first time they are happy to accommodate your news... your safety is their priority."
( Mandy 18 October 2016 ) 

"The reef is very nice. We have seen dolphins, a dugong, eagle rays, leopard rays, stringray, guitar sharks, turtles, spanish dancer etc etc.... Nobody in the water and the fish were only for us. Great !"
(  Bob B. 19 March 2013 ) 

"Fantastic diving and boating in the sea with a multitude of  fish I had never before seen in my life..... An indescribable thrill to see live turtles, crocodile fish and porcupine fish, very nice. Unfortunately I didn't encounter the mythical Dugong.... Can not fault the beach. Towels and mats were changed every day and each located by a windshield/sunshade."

( 1 May 2012 ) 

"The long sandy beach allows direct (walk in) access to the sea and pier to the south which leads on to a sumberged reef full of coral and fish of all kinds and turtles."
( 25 February 2012 ) 

"For fans of kit surfing there is a beautiful spot directly by the hotel."
( 17 December 2011 ) 

"The house reef was great... (and) the water still warm. 26 degrees."
( 8 November 2011 ) 

"The coral reef is just a few metres from the beach and pretty close to the pier, so that even the smallest child could safely go to see the fish.  We had been lucky enough to see almost every day a Dugong and swim with turtles very close to the beach."
( 18 October 2011 ) 

"The sea is beautiful, although in some places the reef barrier has been damaged by a winter storm, but still very rich in coral and fish.  Turtles abound everywhere.  Too bad we failed to meet a dugong - this means that we will be back."
( 10 October 2011 ) 

"The snorkeling is wonderful, not only at the reef directly in front of the hotel, but also around the atoll, at the nearby beach of Abu Dabab and above all the area to the right where the reef is pristine and untouched.  You can see corals of all colours and everyday see turtles (look for them where you see the grass grow under the water)....and from the pier in the evening we saw the famous dugong twice."
( 22 September 2011 ) 

"Beautiful sea, fish and fabulous coral.  Seemed to be swimming in a huge aquarium."
( 16 August 2011 ) 

"Beautiful sandy house beach and reef for diving and snorkeling and full of turtles.  The diving centre has professional services and  beginners services as well."
( 17 July 2011 ) 

"A friendly and efficient diving centre."
( 10 May 2011 ) 


"The manager Farid seems to find time for everyone and makes every guest feel welcomed. He takes time to acknowledge and talk to everyone to ensure all guests are enjoying their stay. It is no wonder with this kind of management that staff adopt the same attentive attitude."
( Mandy 18 October 2016 ) 

"The staff is friendly and do their utmost, but are lacking in number - bed not made on Saturday and Sunday."
( Daniel M. 1 November 2012 )

"Wonderful and went out of their way to make sure we had whatever we needed/wanted."
( 8 May 2012 ) 

"Friendly, competent and helpful"
( Ursula January 2012 )  

"So likeable, not intrusive and polite"
( Monica December 2011 ) 

"The staff were always helpful and polite."
( 10 October 2011 ) 

"All the staff of the hotel very polite and smiling."
( 22 June 2011 ) 


"Rooms very basic but comfortable and good cleaning."
( 6 December 2011 ) 


"Food varied but not super good. I'm not picky so I ate well and I was not sick."
( TripAdvisor  Bob B. 19 March 2013 ) 

"The  food was great....  They have a pasta station where they make pasta to suit.... was wonderful."
( 8 May 2012 ) 

"The food was passable. The pasta was made freshly (thankfully)."
( 18 October 2011 ) 

"The food was quite monotonous - little fruit."
( Barbara June 2011 ) 

"The food was varied and very good, too many dishes."
( 1 September 2011 ) 

"A good meal with excellent waiter service."
( 10 May 2011 )

You can book a room at Three Corners Equinox Resort by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival.  


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           Equinox's well kept grounds and gardens

      But best is the 1,300 metre private sandy beach.

Three Corners Equinox Room

  The hotel at night.

View of the hotel pool.

Evening entertainment with belly dancing

Guests play volley ball on the beach.



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