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Please check the information on this website  with your airline before booking. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or whether there may be changes to the schedules. 

COVID-19 situation update. We understand that as of July 2020, the most direct way of reaching Marsa Alam from the UK appears to be with Easy Jet flights to Hurghada and then arranging a taxi (see the taxi page for current prices) to Marsa Alam. The same page explains the new precautions taxi drivers are taking to ensure the safety of their customers.

LONDON GATWICK TO HRG ( covid-19 udpate )

Until 24 October 2020, there appear to be flights scheduled from London Gatwick to Hurghada on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Then from 27 October 2020 until 25 March 2021 there appear to be flights from Gatwick on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  You will then need to arrange a taxi (see the taxi page for current prices) to Marsa Alam.

MANCHESTER TO HRG ( covid-19 update ) 

Until 24 October 2020 there also appear to be flights from Manchester to Hurghada scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and then from 25 October until 10 January 2021 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. You will then need to arrange a taxi (see the taxi page for current prices) to Marsa Alam. 

In case of any mistake or changing circumstances please check with EasyJet to confirm the availability and price of any flight. 

As of 2019, flying from the United Kingdom there are three options.



For 2019 Tui flights from London Gatwick to Marsa Alam are on Thursdays and Fridays, please check out the following TUI link and choose London Gatwick as your departure airport and Marsa Alam as the destination airport and then choose your date. 

Tui - Travel Schedule

Until September 2019, Thomas Cook was also offering flights but unfortunately what was Britain's oldest major  travel company  is no longer flying from the UK to Marsa Alam as it ceased trading.  


Tui is offering flights from Manchester to Marsa Alam every Wednesday starting in November 2019. 

Find your Tui flight. 


Thomas Cook Airlines WAS  offering direct flights from Birmingham to Marsa Alam on Mondays but unfortunately the company ceased trading in September 2019 - please email if you know of any new flight available from Birmingham. 


If you fly to Marsa Alam via Cairo with Egypt Air you might find you have quite a few hours or even a full day between your connecting flight during which you could visit some of Cairo's amazing sites - see the Cairo excursions page - please let the organizer know you need a specially tailored excursion for a short stop-over and give them your flight times.  Please check these with Egypt Air. If you are two or more it will be cheaper and quicker to connect with Steven's taxi service at just 210 euro one way.

For 2019 flights to Marsa Alam via Cairo from London please check out the following link 

Egypt Air Website - Travel Schedule - Check & Book

For return flights to London via Cairo please first check your outbound flight and then you should be given the option to fill in the details for your return flight. 

Flights arrive and leave via the same Cairo terminal - number three.     

You would be well advised to book an overnight hotel close to Cairo airport.  Flights arrive and leave via the same Cairo terminal - number three.  London flights operate out of London Heathrow Terminal 3.       


( Please note that Thomas Cook Airlines is no longer flying )

You can fly from London Gatwick or Manchester to Hurghada on the Red Sea and then take a taxi to Marsa Alam.  A limousine service provided by Seifein limousine costs 60 euro - see the trips by taxi page.  

This plan has some advantages besides the possibility of finding cheaper flight prices and travelling on different days. You can stop on route to visit the historic city of El Quseir - the oldest on the red sea with a wonderful Ottoman castle and also to do some shopping or you might  consider a two centre holiday - as while Marsa Alam is considered by many better for diving, snorkeling and relaxation,  Hurghada is great for shopping and night time entertainment and also has some nice beaches.   There is a special offer currently for a hotel only in Marsa Alam - see our special offers page - and you can find hotels in Hurghada through websites such as   

As of May 2019, this is what we know about flights by Easy Jet, Thomas Cook AIrlines and Tui Airways between London Gatwick and Hurghada. Tui has flights from London to Marsa Alam on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays while Thomas Cook AIrlines is offering flights at least four days each week. Easy Jet also seems to offer flights from London Stansted.  Two airlines (Tui and Thomas Cook Airlines)  provide flights from Manchester. Thomas Cook Airlines seems to be offering daily flights from Manchester throughout the year while Tui also appears to be offering frequent flights, either four or five times weekly, throughout the year. Flights were also available from Birmingham to Hurghada with Tui on Mondays and Fridays or with Thomas Cook Airlines on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays and from Cardiff and Bristol with Tui on Mondays only and from Newcastle with Thomas Cook Airlines on Mondays only and two flights weekly from East Midlands Airport starting in November 2019 also with Thomas Cook Airlines. 


Check London Gatwick and Manchester to Marsa Alam timetable and book online with

See the best price deals to Marsa Alam from London Gatwick on

See the best prices to Marsa Alam from Manchester on

                   MARSA ALAM TAXI PRICES



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Tui Fly celebrate their 100,000 landing in Marsa Alam
Oct 2018 - 3.33 mins - 17+ likes - 1,100+ views 

Final approach and landing at Marsa Alam Airport
Jan 2017 - 3.43 mins - 110+ likes - 59,000+ views

Various video views of Marsa Alam Airport
Feb 2017 - 3.18 mins - 37+ likes - 18,000+ views

     View inside the terminal at Marsa Alam airport

         Aircraft parked up at Marsa Alam airport.

Approach and landing at Marsa Alam - cockpit view.
Jul 2014 - 4.12 mins - 32+ likes - 15,700+ views 

Note: Photoshop used - 
Bus shown is NOT a Cairo Airport or Egypt Air bus.

TUI Fly - Sunset landing at Marsa Alam Airport
Jul 2017 - 11.21 mins - 32+ likes - 5,100 views 

TUI in flight safety video
Aug 2018 - 3.38 mins - 52,000+ views 

Marsa Alam Airport welcomes its 100,000th Flight
Jul 2018 - 3.33 mins - 21+ likes -  2,900+ views





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