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This highly impressive five star resort is located some 48km to the south of Marsa Alam town near to the entrance  of the Wadi El Gemal national park and one of only a few hotels in this area.  

The hotel was only finished in 2008 so there are still one or two facilities under development but the staff are friendly, the food excellent and the local reef wonderful for snorkellers.

The majority of customers so far have been Italian but, judging by the language of reviewers, there have also been a significant number of French ( around 20 %),  German (around 20%)  and English speaking guests (around 5 to 10 per cent.)

Rooms: 352.

Room description & faciliities: Even the basic rooms are luxuriously spacious with an area of 60 square metres.  They are spread out across a large area - 22 blocks in all - with interconnecting rooms and rooms with handicapped facilities available on the ground floor. 

They feature all the usual facilities for five star hotels -  Satellite LCD TV,  safe, hair dryer and wireless internet access.  Unfortunately we are not sure whether the wireless internet is at an extra charge (as is usual in most hotels) or not but will try to update readers shortly.  

Location: On Marsa Alam's Red Sea coast, 48km south of Marsa Alam town and about 110km south of Marsa Alam airport and close to the entrance of the Wadi Gamal National Park. 

Facilities: 700 metre private beach with 300 umbrellas and 600 sun loungers, 4 swimming pools including a heated pool and children's pool, excellent spa and health club, three restaurants, five bars, a bureau de change, laundry service, large shopping area with 15 bazaars ranging from souvenirs to a general store,  hairdresser, car rental and limousine service.

Environment: The hotel is the only one we know of which has organized two "clean up" days a week where guest volunteers and staff work together to clean up a local beach.  Well done to the management in having such a green outlook.   


On TripAdvisor Gorgonia's ranking at 18th out of 66 hotels, as of 15 March 2019, is a little lower than its level scored in previous years, although the proportion of guests rating the hotel as 'very good' or 'excellent' has increased slightly.

As of 15 March 2019, over 88% rated the resort as either 'very good' or 'excellent' (up from 83% in 2012) and just 7.9% as 'poor' or 'terrible', although this represents only a marginal decline on the level of 8% recorded in 2012, and a slight worsening on the impressive score of only 4% attained in 2018. For the full details please see the table below. 

     Date               11/2012         03/2017         01/2018  
     Rating     8/71  14/75  14/68  18/66
% "very good" or "excellent"       83%     88%     88%   88.1%
 % "poor" or "terrible"        8%       5%       4%    7.9%

On, as of 16th March 2019, the hotel had attained an impressive overall score of 5.2 out of six stars but it still represented a decline on the peak of 5.4 attained in January 2018. In most categories the results showed a slight weakening relative to January 2018, with service slipping from 5.5 to 5.4, sport and gastronomy both sliding from 5.1 to 5.0, and rooms falling 5.2 to 5.0. However the location category did show a marginal improvement up from 5.0 to 5.1. Since 2013, there has been no change in the overall rating but the rating for rooms has suffered a significant fall from 5.5 to 5.0, although service has improved from 5.3 to 5.4 and the location category has shown a significant rise since 2017, reaching a new high of 5.1 as of 16th March 2019. For the full data please consult the table below. 

 Date Overall Service  Rooms  Sport  Food  Location 
06/2013   5.2     5.3   5.5   5.3   5.1    4.8
11/2016    5.4    5.5   5.4   5.4   5.0    4.8
03/2017   5.3    5.5   5.4   5.3   5.0    4.8
01/2018    5.4    5.5   5.2   5.1   5.1    5.0
03/2019    5.2    5.4   5.0   5.0   5.0    5.1

As of 19th March 2019, 91% of reviewers recommended the hotel, which was a slight fall from the level of 94% achieved in January 2018 and 93% recorded in March 2017.

Generally the reviews on Trip Advisor and Holiday Check have been very positive - 


"Hotel extremely clean. Rooms cleaned daily. Pool clean. Staff friendly and pleasant. We are vegatrains and found there was food for us to eat. We would return."
( Lorraine 15 January 2018 )

"Sprawling, spacious and green... with a beautiful beach and intact reef for snorkeling. Good food, good service, nice rooms, friendly staff.... two heated pools - 28 degrees....great stay."
( Sven 28 January 2017 ) 

"We stayed here for a week in October 2015. Can not fault the resort. Excellent meals, good service and friendly staff. The resort is a long drive from the airport... but well worth it ! The in-house diving school is excellent. We took two trips with them."
( Dean 26 January 2016 ) 

"The resort is very well maintained, the staff nice, friendly and tried very hard and the food was varied and good."
( Julia March 2012 )

"Worth the drive from Marsa Alam airport for the peace and tranquility of this location."
( 23 February 2012 ) 

"Overall I would recommend the Gorgonia and glady return."
( 20 February 2012 ) 

"If you want to relax, sun bathe and swim, this is better than Turkey."
( 11 January 2012 ) 

"Loved the holiday, hotel and staff, it was very relaxing and peaceful. Would definitely o back and would recommend it to anyone."
( 12 September 2011 )  

"Overall I would highly recommend this hotel for anyone who wants a relaxing stay on the Red Sea in beautiful surroundings, without the stress of some of the more busy resorts."
( 20 January 2011 ) 


"Great housereef just outside the hotel and good dive school ( TGI Diving ). Snorkeling is a treat. When you have a chance, book a trip to Sataya: Wild dolphins."
( Maarten 7 August 2016 ) 

"The sea life is just stunning ! We spent most of the time of our holidays under water snorkeling. You can choose whether you'll go to the so-called lagoon, which is the part on the left from the jetty, which is not that deep and where you'll surely meet plenty of turtles and rays and also some small coral gardens with tropical fish around. Or you can opt to go to the right from the jetty and experience world class snorkeling around a gorgeous and huge coral reef."
( Silvie 1 August 2016 )

"The beach is spacious and you'll find a spot to your taste. No fighting over sunbeds....... The house reef will last 2-3 dives and a round of snorkeling every day. We got shark, octopus, spotted eagle headed stingray, Napoleon, tuna, turtles, dugong, etc just outside the jetty. And recently even whale shark came by the jetty."
( Delta 21 November 2011 ) 

"The house reef was outstanding. This was my fourth trip to the Red Sea and this was the best reef by a mile. The inner lagoon was visited by turtles that were not worried by us swimming alongside them and we also saw a barracuda inside the reef......We were lucky to see ...reef sharks, turtles, barracuda, stingrays, the list goes on and on. There is no jetty out to the reef so you need to carefully snorkel out over the coral... (but) they were building what looked to be a jetty at the dive centre end.... hopefully this will be (available to) all."
( Roger P 6 June 2013 ) 

"We are passionate snorkelers (and)...this hotel (was) for us a paradise.  (It) is situated in a nature reserve and fortunately still has not jetty (over) the reef.  This is probably... the reason for the uniqueness and beauty of the reef, as well as the abundance of (fish) species."
( Antje March 2013 )

"The resort provides an outstanding snorkeling experience.......Most people seem content to swim and snorkel in the lagoon, not venturing past the reef barrier (only came across two people there in the week) and as a result adventurous snorkelers who do will find themselves in paradise....Visibility is excellent and coral life abundant, especially as you venture away North or South.  You are surrounded by thousands of fish. Highlights included sea turtles and an eagle spotted ray."
( 20 February 2012 ) 

"The snorkeling is awesome and accessible direct from the beach.....perfect snorkeling and clear water."
( 11 January 2012 ) 


"A very special thanks to the pool/beach staff especially the two Mohamed's, they took such care and showed nothing but affection for our two daughter.s Also thanks to all the staff there for the excellent party to celebrate Italian mid summers day. Can't wait to come back as soon as possible."
( Mart 24 August 2016 ) 

"Nice attentive staff and you can always get a smile."
( Christopher March 2012 )

"The hotel is the best managed I have experienced in Egypt. It started with pre-arrival arrangements - the airport transfer and room request were promptly and efficiently dealt with.  The check-in process was also the most efficient I have experienced. "
( 20 February 2012 ) 

"The day after our arrival we went to reception again and again we faced the same receptionist eating in front of us sweets placed on the reception desk for the guests....we had to wait for him to finish so he was able to speak.....But apart from him the rest of the staff were amazing."
( 1 February 2011 ) 


"The main restaurant offered very good, varied and tasty food.....(as) for snacks at the beach bar; well, I was very pleased."
( very approx translation Udo February 2017 - please let us know if there's any error. 6/6 stars given by this reviewer for gastronomy ).

"The food in all the restaurants cannot be faulted only certain members of waiting staff could be more attentive with serving drinks (small complaint). Pizza restaurant was super, many thanks to friendly staff there."
( Mart 24 August 2016 )

"Second plus would be food. It was the same theme styled as before but this time the quality of the meat was superb... Almost every day there were decent slices of beef available. Our tactics were to dine an hour after opening. Meat was freshly prepared... and I was able to get great medium rare slices and I had a lot."
( Beliblisk 3 August 2016 ) 

"The food was great. So much choice and not just one place to eat. We tried the pizza restaurant and the pizzas were delicious. We tried the sea food restaurant and we chose what we wanted. I chose king prawns and they were amazing. Then there was the Sandy Bar if you fancied a snack and again good variety. Finally the main restaurant, well there was something for everyone."
( Juv 17 May 2016 ) 

"The food was good and diverse, particularly the daily changing barbecue on the terrace. The desserts were a dream and always beautifully arranged."
( Herbert March 2013)  

"Dining room like a cafeteria....At around 8pm we would have to set our own tables while waiters walked past without noticing until we complained to the head waiter and gave a tip.  Without a tip nothing ever happens."
( Bruno March 2012 )

"The food you can only say one thing.....delicious....and with such a wide choice there is something for everyone.  The service is excellent and the waiters are nice and attentive."
( Andre March 2012 ) 

"We visited the kitchen and saw all the fruit and vegetables being delivered and processed fresh daily.......Meat, poultry and fish also come several times a week and also processed properly and with due regard to hygiene. All bread is baked on the premises as are almost all the cakes.  There is good attention to cleanliness so you don't have to be worried about health problems."
( Edith February 2012 ) 

"This was our fifth time in Egypt and the first time we had managed to escape the revenge of the Pharaoh (stomach ache)......For this reason alone I wouldn't hesitate to book this hotel again."
( Irene & Stefan February 2012 )
"The standard of food was fantastic with a great variety, and we would recommend the fish restaurant. There is also a pizzeria but we didn't eat there, though heard good reports about it."
( 12 September 2011 ) 

"The restaurant staff were very friendly and helpful. We were always sitting at the same table and the waiter would remember our favourite drinks.  The food was amazing.  I didn't expect teriyaki or sushi there so imagine my surprise when I saw it. Yummy. There was also Italian and Arab cuisine- the choice was enormous and delicious."
( 1 February 2011 ) 

"The hotel runs a proper lunch as well as a full dinner with a wide variety of dishes to suit any taste.  The buffet offered more than the typical budget dishes that some AI hotels put on and it was nice to see things like duck, prawns, sword fish, stuffed pigeon and other local dishes on offer."
( 20 January 2011 ) 


"The room is clean and spacious. There is television, but the signal is poor... It's fair enough to watch the news or have some background music/voices... The terrace was well equipped. 2 chairs, a table and a sunbed. The shower is good (and hot!). The room (especially the bathroom) is a bit outdated, but who cares? It offers all you need.... We received a fresh bottle of water every day. The house keeping did an excellent job!" 
( Rubella 9 August 2017 )

"We were pleasantly surprised regarding refreshed rooms ( ours was 2155 on 1st floor ). Size is as before - big but now there are some decorations and paint/tile so it actually looks much better (I can't tell if every room had been updated but they were working on a few during our stay.) Well done Georgia. 
( Beliblisk 3 August 2016 ) 

"Rooms are located in small two floor units.  I recommend taking the upper floor rooms which are quieter and enjoy a better view.  Rooms are large, typically set up as twin beds which can be connected as double beds........Rooms have failry basic furniture and features, but are still in good condition and contribute to the overall relaxation experience. The balcony, sheltered from the wind was well appreciated for the aperitif at sunset."
( 20 February 2012 ) 


"The grounds were beautifully maintained and everywhere was clean."
( 23 February 2012 )

You can book a room at Gorgonia Beach Resort by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on your arrival. You will receive a confirmation of your booking by email


Check the latest reviews of Gorgonia Beach Resort on

Check the latest reviews of Gorgonia Beach Resort on

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Check rates and book a room at Gorgonia Beach Resort at

Check rates and book a room at Gorgonia Beach Resort at

Check rates and book a room at Gorgonia Beach Resort with


Guest's video tribute to their holiday at Gorgonia
Aug 2018 - 21.49 mins - 41+ likes - 8000+ views

Gorgonia Resort promotional video.
Feb 2016 - 6.25 mins - 67+ likes - 12,000+ views

Tourist's well edited video with music
Aug 2015 - 8.41 mins - over 10,000 views.

Visitors look at the hotel and its reef.
July 2017 - 3.53 mins - over 600 views

     The Pool at Gorgonia - clean, cool and stylish - 

            A spacious and comfortable reception.  

                 Vast but elegantly styled rooms              

                      Generously sized beds

                          A balcony view 

                        The main restaurant

         Many tempting distractions for those on a diet

                            Fancy a pizza ?

                        Relax in the hotel pool

               Unwind with a massage at the spa.

Snorkelling at Gorgonia Reef 
May 2019 - 2.56 mins -15+ likes -  2,650+ views 

                       Or relax by the beach.

              Or volleyball for the more energetic

   Another beach view with the jetty in the background.

   Hotel located near the Wadi Gamal national park

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