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Rooms: 198 stone built chalet style rooms. Check the resort is open before booking. 

Room Facilities: Air conditioning or heating, corner desk unit, television, direct dial telephone, hair dryer, room service, mini-bar, safe, sofa bed, wardrobe and private balcony with deck chairs.

Location: 38km south of Marsa Alam airport and 26km north of the town of Marsa Alam.

Hotel facilities: include include mini pub and discotheque, main restaurant and two other restaurants- Cliff fish bar and Arrabbiate, lobby bar, car parking, laundry, Health Club with sauna, massage and gym; two swimming pools with separate pool for children; kid's club; tennis court; horse riding; private beach; water sports, desert safaris, spacious meeting/function rooms.

You can book a room at Kahramana Beach Resort by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival.  

Book Reviews: Lonely Planet says "attractive beach, a good Italian restaurant and diving centre."


On, as of 20 May 2019, Kahramana Beach Resort was ranked 36th out of 69 hotels in the region, lower than its rankings previously scored in July 2013 (24th), January 2017 (28th) and February 2018 (30th) - see the table below. But although its relative position has slipped slightly down the ranking, overall ratings are slightly improved. 77.6% of guests rated the resort as either 'very good' or 'excellent' (up 1.6% on July 2013) and just 9.2% considered it 'poor' or 'terrible.' (down 0.8% on July 2013). 

The full results for the last four times we checked the TripAdvisor ratings for the resort are given below. Please note however that prior to 2018 the ratings were rounded to the nearest percentage point. 

Date July
Ranking 24/67  28/74  30/68  36/69
% "very good"
or "excellent" 
 76%  78%   77.7%   77.6%
% "poor"
or "terrible"
 10%    9%   9.2%   9.2%

On the resort, as per the last two times we checked on 19 May 2019 and 18 February 2018, was rated at 4.0 stars out of six stars, but this was based on just one review dated October 2017. Previously, in January 2017, it had an average rating of 4.7 stars, up from 4.2 stars in July 2013. 

The last two times we checked on 19 May 2019 and 18 February 2018, HolidayCheck did not give average ratings for particular sectors such as service or rooms, presumably because if they did they would be based on only one review. However, previously in January 2017, the highest assessments were awarded for service at 4.9 ( a big leap upwards from 4.1 in 2013), rooms at 4.8 ( a slight fall from 5.0 ) and location at 4.6 ( up from 4.2 ) with lower scores for sport at 4.4 ( up from 4.1 ) and gastronomy at 4.1 ( up from 3.8 ). 

The resort generally scores well above average and reviews on Trip Advisor and HolidayCheck have been mostly positive.


"We were at Habiba Beach which is right next to the Kahramana. It has been closed for a couple of years and is like a ghost town... A real shame because it must have been beautiful... only the pools with waterslides are open for the mini club of Habiba."
( Very approximate translation - Orietta 3 January 2018 )

"All inclusive. Undoubtedly five stars....Swimming pool, beautiful beach, its own water park, house reef for snorkeling, beautiful parks, a positive animation.... For true lovers of the underwater kingdom trips can be organized to the bay of Abu Dabab. I went every day."
( Translation into English from Anna 21 October 2016 ) 

"Best sea views.... best sunset at the sea food cliff top restaurant with excellent fish dishes. There is a seated cave underneath overlooking the sea and mountains. The architecture is breathtaking and perfectly compliments the view and environment. The rooms have an oriental feel, are spacious and new." 
( Aytenelmofty 11 Oct 2015 ) 

The hotel is an oasis with very nice gardens. The rooms very clean and tiday. The staff were very polite and helpful. The food was delicious with a big variety. The best place to have a vacation."
( 1 April 2013 ) 


On 13 July 2013 one reviewer wrote on Trip Advisor "Ottima colazione ottimo il servizio in spiaggia il ragazzo carinissimo e ottimo anche." With the embedded Google translate icon this seems to have been mistranslated as follows -

"Great breakfast, great beach service, the boy cute and great tasting."  !

Anyway at least the guest was happy.


"Beautiful sea with a reef full of colourful corals. Wonderful ! For those who can swim there is a small lagoon where you could bathe in the company of some amazing fish....The hotel also offers a free bus that will take you to Abou Dabbab beach where, if you are lucky like us, you can swim almost hugging the magnifcent giant tortoises."
( 16 May 2012 ) 

"Nice spacious sandy beaches and you can choose between the "Relax Beach" with good distances between the chaise-longues or activities on "Active beach"....There's a children playground on "Active Beach" and if you want a change there's a free bus to Abu Dabbab beach which has a nice reef." 
( 4 May 2012 )

"This is a great place for diving. Unspoilt place, fantastic corals, sealife, etc. Dives are also cheap compared to the average costs. Did the Open Water PADI and was most pleased with the instructor."
              TripAdvisor 31 July 2008 


"Our cleaner Hamada cleaned the room neatly every day. What is more, he usually decorated our beds with animals made of towels. It was really beautiful. It is good to leave for example 1 euro in the room every day. They are really grateful because their income is very very low."
( Kristulka 6 July 2013 )

"The staff were very friendly and not intrusive. Nothing was a problem. They can help you with everything but be careful how you give tips - please look around because if his boss or colleague sees he has to put the tip into the communal kity and he will ultimately get almost nothing from it."
( Jan April 2012 ) 

But not everyone was happy with the staff -

"The service in the main restaurant at evening meal was atrocious apart from one guy who we tipped the first night and if he was around would always serve us. Most of the waitors would watch you walk in and sit at a table and would not come over and clear your table or ask you for a partner had to ask every night for clean cutlery and a drink."
            TripAdvisor 31 July 2008.


"The rooms were arranged across one or two stories. They were huge. When you went to the door you had a small corridor with wardrobes and the bathroom. In the actual room was a double bed, a desk, a flat screen TV (ARD, ZDF) and a sofa. On the terrace stood a chair, a table and a couch......The room cleaning could have been better."
( Approximate translation into English from Manuela September 2015 )

"The room is fine, but why are the hook hangers for towels fixed upside down ?" 
( 4 May 2012 ) 

"Our room seemed huge. Someone suggested 50m2.....The bathroom was large as well. We slept well. The beds were not too hard. Sometimes at some of these resorts, the beds are like rocks."
( 2 February 2011 ) 

"We had our suitcases brought to our room, which was the most comfortable I have experienced. The beds are to die for. A lovely thick quilt for the cold nights and there was also additional heating and cooling unit if it was needed."
              TripAdvisor 6 February 2008

" Our room is spacious and clean, with a great view of the swimming pools and the Red Sea. There are no mosquitoes here, and since we were on the upper floor, we left the balcony door open every night so we were lulled to sleep by the sound of waves rushing to shore."
               TripAdvisor 6 January 2008


"The food was delicious with a big variety."
( 1 April 2013 )

"Unfortunately the food isn't the best but it's OK."

( 24 November 2012 )

"Most of the food and sweets are just not tasty. Trying some dishes, we were in bewilderment. What are they made from ? ....Why mousses do not have any taste ? .......Most of the food was a disappointment for us and left the impression that the hotel is trying to cut costs in every way."
( 4 May 2012 )

"The food was absolutely delicious ! Every day there was something different for lunch and supper, and on Friday we would have Egyptian food and specialities. Breakfast, however, was the same all week but no problem as there were sweets, omelets, pancakes, wafles, cheese, ham, salads etc etc.  We didn't suffer Pharaoh's curse - no stomach problems."
( Jan April 2012 ) 

"(At breakfasts) each day someone made omelets for us....Usually we had cheese, tomatoes and onions to add to the...eggs. There was always cut up fruit which was mainly honeydew melon and apples and what looked like yogurt....The breads..yum. Croissants either plain or with chocolate drizzled.., filled pastries with just a dab of fruit or a cream/puding type of filling.  They were always made fresh."
( 2 February 2011 ) 

"There was a very good variety of food at breakfast and evening meal. It was excellent quality, variety and the staff were so friendly. They made omelette and pancakes for you and we did not have one dodgy stomach all holiday."
               TripAdvisor 6 February 2008


"I was very enthusiastic with the large gardens where all the rooms are situated. They are breathtaking. There are thousands of flowers and lots of decorations in an ancient style. It must be hard to keep that large place so beautiful and green. I have never seen a resort with such a beautiful garden."
( Kristulka 6 July 2013 )

"Architecture  perfectly integrated into the landscape, not at all invasive, and a garden flourishing and well-groomed."
( TripAdvisor 15 May 2012 ) 

"I loved the architecture and the plants/flowers - absolutely gorgeous ! The part opposite the "Relax Beach" is especially amazing, colourful and authentic." 
( 4 May 2012 )

"The garden areas are extremely lovingly maintained.  It is a delight to see....but for the seriously disabled the number of stairways across the resort could be a problem"
( Bernd February 2012) 

"The village looks quaint and you feel immediately at home.  The floral beds and lawns are very well maintained."
( Ursula January 2012)

"The grounds were gorgeous in January. The flowers were in full swing and the scenery could hardly have been better. I compared our grass to other hotels when we picked up and dropped off people and ours was the best of the hotels we went into."
( 2 February 2011 ) 

If the resort is open then you can book a room at Kahramana Beach Resort by emailing -  You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival. 


Youtube video tour of the hotel & excursion highlights.
December 2014 - 4.29 minutes - 5,500+ views.

Exploring Kahramana Resort's reef
Oct 2018 - 9.37 mins - 3+ likes - 203+ views 

Hotel gardens and beach -some commentary in Russian
Apr 2018 - 7.44 mins - 7+ likes - 410+ views 

Youtube video of the water park & house reef.
March 2015 - 6.40 minutes - over 4,000 views.

Video highlights of a stay at Kahramana Resort.
Jan 2015 - 6.23 mins - 14+ likes -1,600+  views.

Photos of the hotel gardens and beach set to music
Oct 2012 - 4.07 mins - 12+ likes - 4,400+ views 

                             Entrance to Reception

                                Room View

            Some great views from the hillside rooms.

           A picturesque pathway down to the sea

                          Main Restaurant

                               Pool View 1

                               Pool View 2


            View of the beach from the hillside

                             Another Beach View. 

      Most guests impressed by the hotel gardens.

                          Kahramana reef

     Worth getting up early to watch the sun rise.


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