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Rooms: 220

Room facilities: The usual - in other words each has a balcony or terrace "facing the sea" ( presumably meaning a sea view), a sitting area and a bathroom with a bath tub and separate toilet cubicle.   As you'd expect there's also air conditioning, satellite television, a mini-bar, a safe and a hair dryer.  However each room  is at least a little different as each has a set of original paintings portraying traditional themes from the Sahara.  

: At least one reviewer claiming that wifi can sometimes be slow so do think about buying a Vodafone sim card for your smart phone at the arrivals area of Marsa Alam airport.

Location: currently the southernmost hotel of any size on Egypt's Red Sea coast near the small town of Berenice and 123km south of Marsa Alam. It's a 2.5 hour drive (185km) south of Marsa Alam airport.

Hotel Facilities: suprisingly for a hotel of its' size, there are three restaurants.  As usual there's a separate children's pool and play area and a games room (for all ages) as well as billiards on offer, but less usual for this area there's also a library with a collection of books in different languages for anyone seeking a quiet refuge.  A windsurfing centre is located just to the south of the resort where there is a wide range of equipment available and instruction offered for beginners.   Divers will be happy too as several first class dive sites and popular shipwrecks lie a short boat journey away off shore.  There is also a diving centre to give advice, offer trips and also internationally recognised courses (PADI and CMAS).  

You can book a room at Lahami Bay Resort by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival. 


Generally favourable with the hotel attaining a ranking of 24th out of 69 hotels, as of 1 May 2019 ( though a slight fall relative to its position of 20th out of 68 hotels in January 2018 ). 85% of reviewers ( + 7% since 2012 ) rated the resort as either 'very good' or 'excellent', while only 5.2% ( down approximately 1% on 2012) rated it as 'poor' or 'terrible'. Other ratings for selected dates when we checked is given below.  

 Date Ranking  % 'Very good'
or 'excellent' 
% 'poor'
or 'terrible' 
Nov 2012   24/68        78%        6%
Sep 2016          84%        5%
Mar 2017   25/72        85%        4%
Jan 2018   20/68        85%        4%
May 2019   28/69        85.0 %        5.2 %

On, as of 5 May 2019, Lahami Bay had attained an impressively high hotel ranking of 5.3 out of six stars, up significantly from the 4.9 stars attained in November 2012, but with some slight falls in some categories since January 2018. The best marks were awarded for service at 5.4 (down from 5.7 in January 2018) and location at 5.3 ( up from 5.1 ) with rooms and food close behind at 5.2 ( both down from 5.4 ) and sport lagging at 4.8 ( down from 5.0). Full figures from five separate dates are given in the table below. 

Date  Hotel  Service  Rooms  Food  Sport  Location 
11/2012    4.9    4.9    5.3   4.7   5.0   4.6
09/2016    5.2    5.5    5.4   5.3   5.3   4.8
03/2017    5.3    5.5    5.4   5.3   5.1   4.8
01/2018   5.3    5.7    5.4   5.4   5.0   5.1
05/2019    5.3    5.4    5.2   5.2   4.8   5.3

As of 5 May 2019, 90% of HolidayCheck reviewers ( down 5% on January 2018, down 3% on March 2017 and down 2% on September 2016 ) reported that they would recommend the hotel. 


"Whoever is looking for relaxation and peace this is the right place. Very nice service. The room is quite big and clean. Good diving center, unfortunatly no big fish in November. The house reef is very nice and offers you good snorkelling."
( Luboldi 17 December 2017 )

"The transfer from the airport is very long. However, the peace and the many possibilities for diving and snorkeling at the house reef compensate for this."

( This reviewer awarded the hotel six out of six stars )
( Ina February 2017 - very approximate translation from the original German )

"Very nice quiet hotel and would recommend it for individual travelers. Wonderful beach for snorkeling and relaxing. Pool clean and spacious. Nice bar to enjoy the evening hookah or a cocktail. Room liberally equipped. I will definitely be back!"
( This reviewer awarded the hotel five out of six stars )
( Aanisha August 2016 )

"The Lahami Beach Resort is located three hours away from the airport. Those seeking peace and relaxation are really very well cared for. There is no annoying animation. The staff are extremely courteous and very friendly. The manager Mrs. Wolf is very attentive and always ready to fullfill all her guests' wishes."
( This reviewer awarded the hotel six out of six stars )
( Volker August 2016 ) 

"A very relaxing and enjoyable snorkeling holiday! Super delicious food and always very nice and courteous staff! The house reef is in great condition! The coffee was absolutely top, especially th cappuccino which I highly recommend !"
( This reviewer awarded the hotel six out of six stars )
( Jacqueline August 2016 )

"(The hotel is surrounded) far and wide outside by desert, mountains and a gorgeous sea with hot desert sun, which is made bearable by a pleasant breeze...... Whoever does not want to do without his smartphone should buy a Vodafone card in the main area of the airport immediately on arrival.....Wireless internet is truly very sluggish at the hotel."
( This reviewer awarded the hotel five out of six stars )
( Gunther August 2016 )

"A very nice and clean hotel...  The rooms are large and spacious. But the best is the underwater world. For snorkelers and divers, it is a paradise."
( This reviewer awarded the hotel six out of six stars )
( Renate June 2016 )

"There was something for every taste.....A small paradise in the middle of the desert.  We will be back!"
( Willi December 2011 )

"I've just spent another two weeks at Lahami Bay - this is my tenth visit.  I keep going back because the hotel maintains excellent standards and the snorkeling cannot be beaten in Egypt."
( 27 June 2011 ) Check out the reviews on Lahami Bay Beach Resort at


"Great location by the sea and  especially the north beach with three spectacular easy to reach reefs. There was no day when we have not seen at least two sea turtles, barracuda, Napoleon fish and a myriad of colourful fish and corals - endless beauty....We will be back."
( Sabrina 8 January 2017 - very approximate translation )

"The beach and the reef were the highlight. Early in the morning you have a good view and with luck you can meet the odd turtle. I even discovered.... a manatee (dugong) a little further out.... (grazing) on a carpet of seagrass."
( This reviewer awarded the hotel five out of six stars )
( Saskia August 2016 ) 

 "The reef system is fantastic. The corals are a beautiful mix of all the Red Sea reefs we have seen (on previous trips to Egypt) from Ras Nusrani..., Jackson Reef, Ras Mohammad and Gorgonia reef... It should be declared a national park. The coral is absolutely healthy, all kinds of it. The fish life is good, with some species we have not seen elsewhere in our decades long reef hunts around the world and there are some fish we have not found in any book or on the net. So may be we can name them ?"
( Pathfinder 20 July 2015 ) 

"Very different from other destinations in the Red Sea. A wild place still unaffected by mass tourism and fortunately a paradise for lovers of the underwater world and the desert.  I was grateful to biologist Paul who was able to describe and show me all the strange creatures there. The strong point of the hotel - the three beautiful bays that offer a protected reef full of fish and with easy access to the sea."
( Namaste56 28 June 2013 )

"For (wind) surfers brilliant.....The surf station as well as the snorkeling station is located just a few steps away from the hotel....In January great wind and the surrounding reefs protected the lagoon from the waves." 
( Hans January 2012 )

"Excellent diving and snorkeling, the reefs begin as soon as your toes are in the water.....(but on the downside) towel reservation on beach chairs is alive and well in Lahami Bay. Get there by 8.30am or all seats and umbrellas are gone.  There are more guests than sun-loungers."
( TripAdvisor 3 December 2011 ) 

"My personal highlight was a Dugong Mother with her baby, something even the dive guides had never seen.  There were also many turtles and surgeonfish to see.  In a nutshell, the reefs are top.  It's never boring !"
( Soeren-Brian December 2011 ) 

"The nearby Mangrove forest is wonderful and easy to reach by a short walk along the beach.  You can also windsurf and there's kite surfing possibilities near by too. "
( Tina December 2011 )  

"Theunderwater world was really great.  On the nearby reef we saw turtles, Napoleons, fire fish and a reef shark....What more could you ask to see ?"
( Engelbert November 2011 )

"There are so many turtles, Napoleons, rays and reef sharks that I no longer bother to photograph them ! The coral is colourful, varied and in pristine condition. The beach is very natural and a family of ospreys keep guests entertained with their fishing skills."
( 27 June 2011 )

"Snorkelling on the house reef was like entering a scene from the film "Finding Nemo". We have snorkelled in many parts of the world but have never seen the variety and abundance of marine life that we witnessed here so close to the shore.  The fish, coral and marine plants have to be seen to be believed."    
 ( TripAdvisor 5 December 2007 )


"The staff is always friendly and attentive. Concerns and wishes are taken seriously and dealt with as quickly as possible. Everything can be done without tipping."
( This reviewer awarded the hotel six out of six stars for service - Ina February 2017 - very approximate translation from the original German ) 

"The staff are always very courteous and unobtrusive which is a great thing. Some waiters already knew what we wanted."
( Laura 8 January 2017 Very approximate translation ) 

"The staff was always very friendly and courteous, everything was great."
( The reviewer rated the service at six out of six stars ) 
( Andreas September 2016 ) 

"Here no tip is expected, but we still loved to give the room boy and the various waiters tips because the service was just great."
( These reviewers rated the service at six out of six stars )
( Manfred and Evelyn July 2016 )

"By comparison with our experience in Safaga and Dahab we noticed that the staff were particularly friendly - more than anywhere else we had been in Egypt.  Also the normal impression that you need to give baksheesh wasn't an issue here. Also surprisingly they all spoke good English and they made an effort to speak German too."
( Michael March 2013 )

"Very friendly, accommodating staff with good foreign language skills ( German, English, Italian )."
(  Sandra January 2012 )

"Staff friendly and helpful at all levels."
( 3 December 2011 ) 

"The Staff were always friendly and helpful. The drinks were served fast....and the tables were always freshly set."
( Willi December 2011 ) 

"Staff are outstanding - despite it being Ramadan when they were fasting all day, they were incredibly helpful, courteous and friendly. Ursula, the Customer Service Manager, was on top of everything, making sure the resort was kept in tip top condition."
( Midasfriend 30 August 2011 )


"The food was the best we have received so far in Egypt, there was no criticism."
( This reviewer awarded gastronomy six out of six stars )
( Volker August 2016 )

"The food quality is above average for Egyptian standards. Every day there is fresh food.... For breakfast there is a variety of breads, meats, sweets, fruit, juices and an eggs station. In the evening the buffet surprised with a good selection of appetizers. There is also a soup and several very tasty hot dishes and a wide selection of desserts."
( This reviewer awarded gastronomy six out of six stars ) 
( Alexandra July 2016 ) 

"I found the food delicious and diverse. The presentation was outstanding. "
( Ingrid February 2012 ) 

"We were on half board. Breakfasts were excellent, with an egg chef on hand and lots of varieties of bread, cheeses, fruit, fresh yogurt etc. The buffet in the evening had lots of choice. I loved the first courses - lots of different Middle Eastern style salads. I was less enthusisatic about the 'International' cuisine main courses. However the standby was an excellent cook-on-the-spot Pasta Bar. For lunch there were good quality pizzas and a stunning mezze platter."
( TripAdvisor 1 September 2007 )


"Room size perfectly adequate, a bit dated, we slept well - no problems.  TV and WIFI and the rooms were always properly cleaned."
( This reviewer rated the rooms at six out of six stars )
( Andreas September 2016 ) 

"The rooms are very clean. The furniture is not the newest, but very clean and functional. The beds were very good and we slept wonderfully."
( This reviewer rated the rooms at six out of six stars )
( Volker August 2016 ) 

"The decor of the room is a bit old, but in good condition. Air conditioning and a minibar provide cooling and there's a balcony with a great view of the bay. Both the room and the bathroom are spacious with plenty of space. The TV has TV has the German channels ARD and ZDF and the large bed is comfortable and not overly soft."
( This reviewer rated the room at five out of six stars )
( Alexandra July 2016 ) 

"The room was very large and spacious. My husband was very excited about the bathtub though I prefer showers. The two beds were very wide. Only the mattress was me personally a little too hard."
( This reviewer rated the room at six out of six stars )
( Elsa June 2016 )

"Really very large, pleasant mattresses, super cover for the colder winter nights. In block two there are also heaters, but that wasn't the case in block 1, but truly not necessary.)  Bathroom with toilet, very good shower wall....but the installed hair dryer wasn't good enough for my long hair....The closet is huge with plenty of clothes hangers.  German TV channels are as follows - RTL, RTL 2, ARD, ZDF and German wage."
( Sibylle January 2012 ) 

"The rooms are large, very clean and well equipped."
( Sandra January 2012 ) 

"The rooms are huge, the furniture is good. The mattresses were very good.  We did not get any back pain.  It would be good if the balconies could be equipped with drying racks or hooks."
( Holiday Check Tina December 2011 ) 

"The furnishings of the rooms and size is OK. The condition of the bath however was not OK. There was a rusty hook and screw on the bath tub and mold in the joints......Toilet paper was rarely refilled....The table was not cleaned, marks from bottles or suntan lotion visible the whole time."
( Wolfgang November 2011 )

"Our room was nice and clean.  The cable TV has no English channels but that is not important to most. The room cleaner was very nice and friendly."
( 6 September 2011 ) 

"Rooms are comfortable and quiet. Bathrooms are good with plenty of hot water - but the shower, in a steep sided bath, is a bit slippery."
( 30 August 2011 ) 


"The garden of the hotel is a sea of flowers and a feast for the eyes, especially in the European winter."
( Ingrid February 2012 ) 

"Beautifully landscaped garden area."
( Hans January 2012 ) 


"The new spa is very well equipped with well-trained therapists. The man who gave me my massages really helped a problem I was having with my ankles. However there was very little choice of massage oils - only two - both very highly perfumed.  I am still trying to wash the perfume out of the bikini I wore for the massage. But it was worth it !"
( 30 August 2011 ) 


Check rates and book a room with

Check rates and book a room with

Check rates and book a room with

Check out the reviews on Lahami Bay Beach Resort at

Check out the reviews on Lahami Bay Beach Resort at


Promotional video for Lahami Bay Resort.
June 2014 - 5.51 minutes - over 4,000 views.

Superb GoPro snorkeling video of Lahami Bay reef
April 2015 - 9.47 minutes - over 21,000 views.

Another nice snorkeling video. Lahami Bay Reef.
May 2014 - 8.4 minutes - over 2,200 views.

And yet another amazing snorkeling video. 
Aug 2018 - 27.45 mins - 19+ likes - 5,200+ views 

                               Room View

          Stunning balcony views towards the Red Sea.

                              Swimming Pool

Location well to the south of Marsa Alam gives access to rarely visited reefs for snorkeling.

         An oasis of green at the edge of the desert.

Aerial view of the hotel's swimming pools taking looking inland from above the sea. 

       View of one of the pools looking towards the sea. 

      Swimming pool with beach in the background. 

                                  Another view.



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The price Steven charges to or from the airport to Lahami Bay is quoted on the taxi prices page but bear in mind that the distance is about 175km and that the price is for the car.  Some companies quote rates per person.


And another Lahami Bay snorkeling video ! 
Jul 2018 - 10.01 mins - 24+ likes - 3,800+ views 

                        Another pool view.

           The hotel beach as seen from the bay.

                      The hotel piazza at night.

                Get up early to see the dawn.

                  The hotel fountains at night.


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