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Resta Club Marina View is ideal for those who enjoy relaxing on its pristine sandy beach, those who like to shop or eat out ( due to it being just a quick stroll into Port Ghalib ) and also a perfect proposition for snorkeling and diving with a magnificent house reef and at the rates we hope to soon be able to offer you it represents incredible value for money.  

Steven of Steven's taxis and sim cards is currently (mid 2019) negotiating to obtain the same unbeatable room rates as we obtained in 2017  - Please email to check if he can get these for you. 

To book please email or phone Steven on +201284332337.  

: 71 double rooms ( 33 with a pool view and 38 with a marina view ) newly built in 2012 including a number of family rooms (connecting adjacent rooms).  

Room Facilities: Fully adjustable air conditioning, private bathroom/shower room, private balcony or terrace with garden view or port view, satellite TV – stations include Italian, German, French & English, hairdryer, in-room safe, mini-bar, telephone.  There is also free wifi in the hotel lobby.  

Location: Close to Port Ghalib marina; about 7 minutes (5 km) from Marsa Alam airport and approximately 40 minutes ( 60 km ) north of Marsa Alam town.  There is a shuttle bus which takes you to the beach (500 metres away) and Port Ghalib marina, town centre and shops just 1 km away.   

Hotel Facilities: A restaurant and three bars including the main hotel bar called the Red Island Pub, another bar at the pool and another at the beach. You will  also find a large swimming pool with a separate children's area with plenty of chairs, sun umbrellas and beach towels for guests. At additional charge there is a laundry service, a hairdressers and massage and nearby you can find a medical clinic and a supermarket.  

You can find ATM machines in Port Ghalib town centre.  

Booking a Room:

You can book a room at Marina View at Port Ghalib by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival. 


Don't be put off by the resort's seemingly low ranking ( as of 21 May 2019 ) on TripAdvisor of 45th out of 69 hotels in the Marsa Alam region. This is partly because the total number of reviews is still very low at 63 and presumably takes into account older reviews which are not as positive as those posted in the last two years. The more recent guest reviews on TripAdvisor have been surprisingly positive given the surprisingly low cost of the rooms. 

As of 21 May 2019, 77.8% of TripAdvisor reviewers gave Resta Club Marina View a 'very good' or 'excellent' rating (a big improvement on the 67% in April 2017 and a huge improvement on the 52% level of August 2016 ) and only 11.1% gave it a 'poor' or 'terrible' rating ( down from 19% in April 2017 ). You can see the full results for the last four times we checked TripAdvisor in the table below. Please note, however, that prior to 2018 the figures were rounded to the nearest percentage point. 

 Date Aug
% "very good"
or "excellent" 
 52%  67%   77.4%   77.8%
 % "poor" or
 11%  19%  11.3%  11.1%
 Ranking    ?     ?  43rd/68  45th/69

On, as of 21 May 2019, the hotel scored an impressive 5.0 out of six stars ( a vast improvement on the 4.2 stars awarded in April 2017 ), with big improvements in all categories ( except for location and gastronomy ) compared with 2017. The best scores were awarded for service at 5.5 ( up from 4.8 in April 2017 ), rooms at 5.1 ( up from 4.5 ) and gastronomy at 4.9 ( unchanged ).  In two categories, scores were somewhat lower with sport and entertainment at 3.9 ( up from 3.3 in 2017 ) and location at just 3.7 (down slightly from 3.8 in 2017 ).  

As of 21 May 2019, 84% of HolidayCheck reviewers said they would recommend the hotel, bettering the 81% who said the same in February 2018 and a big improvement on the level of 64% recommending the resort in April 2017. We have included the full figures for the last three dates we checked the resort on HolidayCheck in the table below. 

Date April 2017  Feb 2018  May 2019 
% recomm       64%     81%      84%
hotel       4.2     4.5      5.0
gastronomy      4.9     5.0      4.9
service      4.8     5.0      5.5
rooms      4.5     4.8      5.1
location      3.8     3.7      3.7
sport & ent.      3.3     3.7      3.9


"No gimmicks behind a wall.. Clean rooms, nice people, good food and perfect professional body massage... The perfect hideaway in Port Ghalib for a normal budget. The hotel lies quite a distance - a mile - from the harbour (which) is easily reached by inexpensive transfer."
( Bobbone 30 October 2017 )

One of Egypt's most famous young writers and social commentators, Gigi Ibrahim, who featured on the front cover of Time Magazine in 2011 - seems to have greatly enjoyed her time at the Marina View writing on TripAdvisor 

"Such a lovely place; very clean, hospitable, accessible, and affordable. I will come back and always stay here, you really get a lot for your money and you are still in Port Ghalib. Definitely would recommend it for couples who want to have an affordable yet luxurious getaway. Nice pool and very nice bar - check it out." ( 25 April 2015 )

Many others were also more than happy and in one case a tourist appears to have been somewhat jealous that the standards at Marina View were much higher than at his own hotel.

"To put it very simple and plain, the Marina View Hotel, compared to my hotel is at least ten when not twenty times better. It is clean, the pool has filters and you can even have a whirlpool to relax. The rooms are nice and cosy and you simply can relax and enjoy the vacation as it is supposed to be."
(  Jacob L.G. TripAdvisor 29 July 2015 ) 

Many of those who were more fortunate and booked into the Marina View as their first choice confirmed Jacob's views on TripAdvisor. 

"Very cozy hotel. I felt I was in my own beach house. Loved the turquoise corner in the room where I used to have my coffee, the terrace with its beautiful sea view at sunset time. Staff very friendly and very helpful."
( May W March 2017 )

"Friendly staff, good food, good room - ten minutes walk to the marina and good value for money."
( Amir S. TripAdvisor 10 May 2015 )

"The place was nice, all staff there were helpful and do their best to satisfy you.  Nice transportation available to and from the beach. Rooms were always clean and the food was very nice with a lot of variety."
( A Mosaad 28 April 2015 ) 

"It was a nice choice. They have very helpful staff, they accepted any recommendations and comments with a very fast response. Our room was very nice with a pool view. Overall I recommend Resta for anyone who wants good service at a good price."
( I Atef TripAdvisor 22 April 2015 ) 

"(The hotel)...was lovely. The staff are very keen to please....It was a problem-free stay. No hassles with the bill, no hassles with the food. It was easy. If you want peace and rest, you will find it here. Free wifi in the lobby, dining room and the bar area was strong."
( Peggy R TripAdvisor 14 April 2015 ) 

"Nice hotel for a small vacation with clean rooms, good food and very friendly staff. The beach location is very good."
( A Saleh TripAdvisor 13 April 2015 ) 

"(A) friendly hotel that provides excellent value for money. I stayed for a week to dive with Emperor Divers and the hotel was the ideal location.......  There is a shuttle service to get you where you have to go..... Definitely worth a return visit."
( gad001 TripAdvisor 8 April 2015 ) 

"The hotel has a very comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.  If you want to experience an Arabian atmosphere the beautiful oreintal styled lobby welcomes you.......What makes the hotel so nice is the combination of a truly comfortable quiet atmosphere, super friendly staff, super clean and tastefully decorated rooms."
( Moona TripAdvisor 6 April 2015 ) 

"Very nice service, friendly staff, smiling faces, tasty food, relaxing pool. I really spent a very nice time in this hotel - thanks to all the staff."
( Mohamed TripAdvisor 6 March 2015 ) 

"The best place I have ever been. Fantastic beach, amazing rooms, very friendly staff, well trained and we really enjoyed our vacation...... Really they made our honeymoon the best."
( Shehab TripAdvisor 28 January 2015 )


"If you need a drink at the beach the waiters will bring it to you and you have even a kitchen at the beach if you like some food. Even though the hotel is not directly located next to the beach it's worth it and the shuttle will bring you there and pick you up."
( Jacob L. G. TripAdvisor 29 July 2015 ) 

"The beach is ten minutes from the hotel ( a shuttle commutes every hour between 8.30 am and 5 pm ) and is absolutely heavenly.  The snorkeling is unforgettable: full of colour and life."
( R Shoukry TripAdvisor 22 April 2015 ) 

"The sandy beach is nice for all ages and good for both swimming and snorkeling. It is located in a small bay."
( Moona TripAdvisor 6 April 2015 ) 


"The room we had was immaculate and very quiet"
( Peggy R  TripAdvisor 14 April 2015 ) 

"Nice clean hotel with clean rooms"
( A. Arne TripAdvisor 14 April 2015 )

"The rooms were clean and comfortable and the wake up calls were always on time - especially for the trip to Elphinstone at 4.30 in the morning !"
( gad001 TripAdvisor 8 April 2015 )

"The rooms are truly very nice and originally decorated with a lovely original corner seating area in turqouise colours and balcony....Very clean and peaceful (with) nice views over the area, the marina, port and desert."
( Moona TripAdvisor 6 April 215 ) 


"You have the feeling that everybody cares for  your well being and does not only do his job as I see in my hotel."
(  Jacob L. G. TripAdvisor 29 July 2015 ) 

"They have a very helpful staff, they accepted any recommendations and comments with very fast response."
( I Atef TripAdvisor 22 April 2015 ) 

"(Marina View) is a very good choice to spend your vacation. We were welcomed with happy smiles. The staff is really friendly and welcoming."
( M Saleh TripAdvisor 18 April 2015 ) 

"(Marina View's) staff were attentive, smiling and an asset to the hotel. They learn your habits and thoughts ahead."
( R Shoukry TripAdvisor 15 April 2015 )

"Extremely attentive staff - felt very spoiled.... always cheerful and very courteous recreation boys."
( A Arne TripAdvisor 14 April 2015 ) 


On the Red Island Pub - the famous journalist Gigi Ibrahim wrote this brief but very positive review on TripAdvisor

"Great music, excellent food and amazing value ! We were happy with the service and quality of food for very reasonable money."
( TripAdvisor 25 April 2015 ) 

On the main restaurant - 

"Breakfast and dinner were varied and tasty"
( A Arne TripAdvisor 14 April 2015 )

"The food was always nice. I had worries about being vegetarian but they could not have been more accommodating in this respect."
( G. Race TripAdvisor 20 January 2015 )

You can book a room at Marina View at Port Ghalib by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival. 


Read the most recent reviews on Resta Club Marina View on TripAdvisor

Read the most recent reviews on Resta Club Marina View on




Promotional but inspiring video on Port Ghalib.
October 2015 - 4.13 minutes - over 25,000 views

                       Marina View Room

                         Another room view

Marina View's sandy beach with nearby house reef. 

         Beach great for swimming & snorkeling. 

                 Entrance to the Marina View.

                   The Marina View hotel pool. 

                         Another pool view

                           The Dining Room 

                  The oriental style reception. 

  Reception a great place to relax and meet friends.

                     Reception - main desk

          The hotel bar - "The Red Island Pub".

                              The Pool Bar. 

                             The Beach Bar. 


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