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Marsa Alam lies towards the southern end of Egypt's Red Sea riviera which makes it closer to the ancient sites of Upper Egypt than Cairo or Alexandria.  Here I've posted a simple map of Egypt showing Marsa Alam's location and a table showing the distance of some major Egyptian cities and resorts from the town of Marsa Alam by road and by air and further down a distance table of some major world cities by air from Marsa Alam. Please note that Marsa Alam airport lies approximately 60km north of the town. 

Did you know that Marsa Alam is nearer to Mecca in Saudi Arabia than to Cairo ?
Did you know that  Marsa Alam is nearer to Jerusalem than to Alexandria ?

                               DISTANCES FROM THE TOWN OF MARSA ALAM
                                 TO OTHER EGYPTIAN CITIES AND RESORTS

 City         Distance By Air         Distance By Road  Approx Journey Time By Car  
Alexandria       838 km   521 miles       953 km     592 miles    10 hours
Aswan      229 km   142 miles                     351 km     218 miles                   3 hours 30 minutes
Berenice      110 km     70 miles                  115 km       72 miles                1 hour   10 minutes
Cairo      661 km   411 miles                   732 km     455 miles                7 hours  40 minutes
Hamata      124 km     77 miles                130 km       81 miles      1 hour   20 minutes
Hurghada      266 km   165 miles                     283 km     176 miles         3 hours
Luxor      237 km   147 miles                 349 km     217 miles                   3 hours 30 minutes
Mersa Matruh    1024 km   636 miles                1172 km     728 miles              12 hours
Quseir El      130 km     81 miles                  137 km       85 miles               1 hour  20 minutes
Safaga      208 km   129 miles       219 km     136 miles                 2 hours 15 minutes          
Shalateen      217 km   135 miles                  232 km     144 miles               2 hours 30 minutes
Sharm El Sheikh      315 km   196 miles               1019 km     633 miles              10 hours 30 minutes
Siwa Oasis    1035 km   643 miles                1473 km     915 miles                15 hours            
Suez      594 km   369 miles              653 km     406 miles                6 hours 30 minutes

Distance of Egyptian towns from Marsa Alam
Map showing Marsa Alam's position in relation to other Egyptian cities and towns.
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Distance of Egyptian towns from Marsa Alam

Distance of Marsa Alam to various cities worldwide.
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Distance of Marsa Alam to various cities worldwide.


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