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Please check the information on this website  with your airline before booking. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or whether there may be changes to the schedules. 


AS OF 16 JULY 2020 - we are only aware of direct flights to Marsa Alam from either Cairo (via Egypt Air) or from Zurich with Edelweiss Air, which is scheduled to fly out on Thursday mornings during July and August 2020, and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 29 September until December 2020 when Saturday flights might also operate over the Christmas period. 

Normally, you can get direct international flights to Marsa Alam from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  For other countries your best bet is probably to fly to Cairo and connect with an Egypt Air flight to Marsa Alam.  For more details please consult the links or lists below.  

The subsections are arranged alphabetically by country.   Please always check any information below with your airline before making a booking.


As of early October 2019 it appeared to be  possible to fly  with Eurowings direct from Vienna to Marsa Alam but it is unclear whether there is any  availability after 19 October. However Austrian, as of October 2019, is offering daily flights to Cairo departing at 11.10 am and additional flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays departing at 22.15. Egypt Air appears to be offering daily flights to Cairo, except for  Wednesdays, departing at 15.30. However, you would then need to search for and book  a connecting flight from Cairo  to Marsa Alam with Egypt Air. 

Other possibilities include booking flights  to German or Italian cities and connecting with onward flights to Marsa Alam if and when available. 


As of October 2019 Tuifly Belgium appears to be operating two flights every week from Brussels to Marsa Alam on Tuesdays and Sundays, returning later the same day. These flights seem to be currently scheduled until the end of March 2020. The schedules  may change  so it's very important you check all information with Tuifly prior to booking.


As of early October 2019, to make any trip with Egypt Air from Copenhagen to Marsa Alam it seems you might need to stay overnight in or near Cairo airport with a total journey time exceeding 12 hours. The outward flights appear to be on Saturdays and Sundays with returns on Thursdays or Sundays.  However do check with the EgyptAir website in case we've made a mistake and also for any updates as schedules are often changing.  We should add that there is a lot to see in Cairo - especially if book two nights in Cairo and take a whole day to explore the sites - check out our Cairo page for more details. 

A good alternative as of October 2019 seems to be with  TuiFly direct to Hurghada and then book a taxi with Steven's taxis - check here for prices. Please check all information with TUIFly Denmark prior to booking including details of journey time and connecting airport in case we've made a mistake or in case of any schedule changes.  



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Si prega di vedere i nostri voli da Italia pagina.


As of mid  October 2019, there appear to be non-stop flights from Amsterdam to Marsa Alam on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Some flights with TUIfly and others with Transavia. Otherwise the nearest airports offering direct flights to Marsa Alam appear to be Brussels and Dusseldorf. Brussels had flights scheduled with TUI Belgium Airlines on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, while TUIfly had flights scheduled from Dusseldorf on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


As of mid October 2019, Edelweiss Air has two flights weekly from Zurich to Marsa Alam, one on Tuesday morning and another on Thursday morning. Chair Airlines also seems to have one or  two weekly flights from Zurich to Marsa Alam on Thursday mornings, while Swiss Air has one flight from Geneva to Marsa Alam on Wedndesday morning.


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Check availability and book a flight to Marsa Alam with TUI Fly.

Check availability and book a flight to Marsa Alam from the U.K. with

See the best price deals to Marsa Alam from London Gatwick on

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Thomsonfly flies from London and Manchester.


       Air traffic to Marsa Alam is still small scale.

A video of an Austrain Airlines flight (in full) to Cairo
Apr 2017 - 4 hrs 22 mins - 304+ likes - 31,000+ views

    Jetairfly has once weekly flights from Brussels.

              Egypt Air vegetarian option meal.

    View inside the terminal at Marsa Alam airport

         Aircraft parked up at Marsa Alam airport.

Neos Air flies from Italy.

    Transavia connects Amsterdam with Marsa

Transavia flight from Amsterdam to Marsa Alam
Feb 2019 - 12.58 mins - 6+ likes - 310+ views 



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