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It almost never rains in Marsa Alam.  it's not that often you spot  clouds, even on the horizon. Summers are hot, but tempered by the sea breeze. Late Autumn, early Spring and Winter tempertures are perfect and the Red Sea is comfortably warm year round - please see the four day forecast below or the climate table further down for details.        


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Current satellite weather images for Egypt.

Marsa Alam is one of the southernmost sea resorts in Egypt which also means it is one of the warmest.  It is only 135 miles or 210 km north of the Tropic of Cancer, which means that in late June the sun is almost directly overhead however cooling winds from off the Red Sea usually mean more bearable temperatures than inland. There is very little cloud cover - extremely rare in summer and only occasional days of usually light and partial cloud cover in winter.  It usually only rains for one or two days a year and often only very light rain for a short duration.  Every few years heavier rainful, lasting an hour or more, can bring considerable disruption to coastal roads and transport but this is usually very temporary.  In winter the area enjoys much milder night time temperatures than many parts of Egypt which can become very cold at night.    

                                                 CLIMATE CHART FOR MARSA ALAM

Month    Average
Max Temp
 Min Temp 
 Average Wind
 Maximum Wind
January        23C       13C    28C    10C   23C      9.0  14km/h  9mph  106km/h  66mph    2mm
February        24C       14C    32C      8C   22C      9.5  14km/h  9mph    54km/h  34mph    1mm
March        26C       16C    33C    11C   22C    10.0  15km/h  9mph    93km/h  58mph    1mm
April        30C       19C    35C    15C   23C    11.0  14km/h  9mph    94km/h  58mph    1mm
May        32C       23C    45C    16C   26C    12.0  13km/h  8mph    50km/h  31mph    1mm
June        35C       25C    43C    16C   27C    13.0  14km/h  9mph    83km/h  52mph    1mm
July        35C       25C    42C    16C   28C    12.5  11km/h  7mph    78km/h  48mph    1mm
August       35C       26C    41C    18C   29C    12.0  12km/h  7mph    94km/h  58mph    3mm
September        34C       25C    39C    18C   28C    11.0  14km/h  9mph    93km/h  58mph    1mm
October        32C       22C    38C    18C   27C    10.0  13km/h  8mph    48km/h  30mph    1mm
November       28C       19C     33C    12C   26C      9.5  14km/h  9mph    93km/h  58mph    1mm
December        24C       16C    29C    11C   24C      9.0  14km/h  9mph    61km/h  38mph    2mm

To obtain this data we have averaged data from a number of online sources including wikipedia and

                                                   EXTREMELY UNUSUAL RAIN EVENTS

Marsa Alam has an arid dry climate and it rarely rains but in December 2010, just before Christmas, the heavens opened for an hour and there was some damage caused to roads, vehicles and hotel infrastructure. 

 A video showing the extent of the flooding at one hotel -

Jan 2011 - 0.54 mins - 2+ likes - 10,900+ views

 A rare lightning storm in October 2012 -

Oct 2012 - 0.51 mins - 9+ likes - 2,300+ views

A coastal road temporarily closed by rain water flooding near Hurghada

Oct 2016 - 3.15 mins - 6+ likes - 5,300+ views

It's very rare the red sea experiences severe storms but when it does don't go to sea!

July 2016 - 1.29 mins - 49+ likes - 8,400+ views 

And if you want to see a more typical view -
here is a beautiful sunset

Jan 2018 - 6.42 mins - 26+ likes - 1,500+ views 

and here is a beautiful morning sunrise

Sep 2017 - 0.46 mins - 2+ likes - 32+ views




                                                                       WIND AND CLOUD

The area around Marsa Alam usually has a few days every month with relatively high wind speeds, at least of the type you might describe as a strong breeze.  These are common in winter, but not infrequent in summer either.    These winds can generate some dust but don't worry,  it's very unusual to get the sort of sand storm that you might have seen in movies like Lawrence of Arabia.  Nevertheless the wind can make it dangerous to swim and hotels should then post red flags on their beaches.

There are also occasionally times when you can have some patchy cloud cover for a few days and in summer this can lead to an unwelcome increase in humidity. 

However the silver lining is that when windy and cloudy conditions combine, there are great sun sets, providing the sun is still visible through the cloud formations as in the picture below taken at Al Nada Resort, Marsa Alam.  Incidentally we recommend this four star hotel as the best value accommodation in Marsa Alam -see our 
hotels section.

Photo: View from Al Nada Resort looking west across the Sahara.
                  Windy conditions can create great sunsets.

                 Magical cloud patterns after a windy day.  
Al Nada Resort  Beach.


Dreams Beach marina looking the worse for wear during strong winds. This particular section had been fenced off so there was no danger to tourists. Photo taken on an unusually windy day that blew down a bedouin tent in another nearby resort.  
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