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There are not so many three star hotels available in the Marsa Alam region and of those there are this is probably one of the best rated by guests.   The village provides basic accommodation, a reasonable choice of food and a great spot for diving.

Rooms: 25 challets,  7 royal tents and 30 standard tents.  

Room and tent facilities: Chalets have hallway, ensuite bathroom and sun terrace. Royal tents are twice the size of a standard tent and well equipped with fan, mini-fridge, wardrobe, bean bag, table and chairs.  Standard tents have twin beds.  Toilets and showers are located just a short walk away.

Other facilities: There is also a restaurant and a bar area.  Several diving companies operate from here utilizing either the house reef or speed boats to take you to other areas.  Camel safaris and kite surfing may be available on request. 

Location: 18km south of the town of Marsa Alam and about 78km south of Marsa Alam airport.  It was the location of a Roman port city and remains of this ancient settlement can be found on a hill overlooking the bay.

Established: around 1990. 

Contact details: 

Head Office Address 9 Degla St (Shehab St ), Mohandiseen, Giza, Egypt.  Some websites also list "53 El Hussain St., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt". 

Landline Tel: +20233371833/9942

Telephone the Village: +201282166511, 

Check their latest details via their website and use their contact us page to send them a message.

Reviews: As of 29 May 2019, TripAdvisor rated Marsa Nakari third out of eighteen speciality lodging resorts in the Marsa Alam area ( up from its position of fourth out of sixteen such resorts in 2018, and fourth out of twelve in 2017 ). It has benefited from an ongoing improvement in the percentage of reviewers rating it as either 'very good' or 'excellent' rising from 90% in January 2017 to 91.8% in March 2018 and 92.9% as of 29 May 2019. Meanwhile the percentage of TripAdvisors reviewers rating the resort as 'poor' has declined slightly over the same period from 3% to 2.7%. No one has ever given it as a 'terrible' rating.

The full figures are given in the table below. Please note however that prior to 2018 the TripAdvisor ratings were rounded to the nearest percentage point.

Date January
Ranking 4th/12  4th/16  3rd/18 
% 'very good'
or 'excellent'  
    90%    91.8%   92.9%
% 'poor'
      3%      3.1%     2.7%

Unfortunately, as of 29 May 2019, I couldn't find an overall star rating on - presumably because there seem to have only ever been two reviews (the earliest posted in April 2014 awarding the resort 4.7 and the last one posted in September 2015 6.0 stars.) There is no evidence of any reviews of the resort on HolidayCheck since then. 

Reviewers on TripAdvisor and have generally been very positive.


"Great stuff, great food, royal hut is perfect. The whole place is very clean. The house reef is beautiful and full of coral and sea life. Dolphin House is a recommended trip... A very good place for scuba divers."
( Andrew 26 October 2017 )

"This is a safe, clean happy place. Please visit Marsa Nakari, without guests it cannot survive and it deserves to survive. I am definitely going back next year."
( Andys 26 September 2016 )

 "Had a fantastic week, very relaxed easy diving on a lovely house reef. All the staff were attentive, helpful and friendly. Stayed in an air-conditioned chalet that was spotless, food very good. I am a vegetarian, and there was plenty of choice. Will be back next year."
( Gina 22 September 2016 ) 

"Though the Nakari Village is certainly more enjoyable if you dive (we didn't), my girfgriend and I had four wonderful days in this resort... Considering the overall low price, I would definitely recommend it, especially for divers."

( Jimith 14 April 2012 )

"The location is very quiet and all you have to think of is diving, relaxing or eating."
( 29 March 2012 )  

"Most visitors come for the diving (Nakari is also a diving centre ), but it is possible to just sit on the beach and read a book."
( 6 February 2012 )

 "If it's good diving, a bountiful house reef, delicious food, peace and cleanliness you're after, this is the place for you.... Nakari is small and friendly, nothing but sea and sand to the front and desert and mountains to the back. Lovely !"
( 27 November 2011 )  

"We are definitely planning another trip back to Nakari again."

( 21 August 2011 ) 

"A million miles from Western life. First rate staff, fabulous food, amazing diving.... no room service, no plasma TV, no spa, no dressing for dinner. Just relax... and go home chilled. It was the first holiday I've never felt like coming home from. I'm off again in 2011."
( 21 September 2010 ) 

"I absolutely loved this experience. Staying in a tent right next to the sea was just wonderful. The food was excellent and the staff so friendly."
( 15 June 2010 )


"What I also loved in Nakari was snorkeling. Every time I went snorkeling... on the northern side of the house reef I saw the white tip reef shark passing by, my favourite scribled file fish, sometimes a turtle. On the south side you always see plenty of blue spotted rays, resident batfish and Napoleon."
( Uherek 23 September 2016 )

"On our last day a pod of dolphins came into the bay and the guys in charge of the boats and dive shelter piled us into ribs and took us out to the middle of the bay so the dolphins kept swimming right by us."
( Izzy 14 April 2012 ) 

"We spent an amazing three and a half hours one day swimming and playing with many dolphins."
( 29 November 2011 ) 

"Do the trip to Dolphin House. Incredible diving plus the chance to snorkel with the dolphins. We were lucky and did, informative trip."
( 12 September 2011 )  

"The beach and diving centre are less than five minutes walk. Once you've put on your diving equipment, you can immediately walk into the sea and start your dive. There was so much to see for me as a beginner and for the rest of the group who had made 100 plus dives."
( 21 August 2011 )  

"North reef at Nakari very nice but after lunch the south reef was beautiful. Two turtles and a small white tip reef shark. Then after dinner bean bags on the beach to watch the stars."
( 15 June 2010 ) 


"Don't go expecting "haute cuisine" - the food is somewhat basic but perfectly ok for hungry divers and the restaurant is lovely and informal with great sea views."
( Carol 22 September 2016 )

"The food at the restaurant is delicious and varied."
( 6 February 2012 ) 

"The food is outstanding.... So much effort has gone into it and it shows."
( 12 September 2011 ) 


"Everyone was very welcoming and lovely to be recognised by some of the guys who remembered us from our Shagra visits. Nothing was too much trouble, very chilled out and relaxing time. The house reef diving was very relaxing too. Would recommend and we will return."
(  Nicola 29 October 2017 )

"Super friendly staff. Big thanks to Mustafa, Mohammed and the rest of the team."
( Uherek 23 September 2016 )

"The staff are wonderful, so helpful and friendly. They will do anything for you."
( Lesley 28 August 2016 ) 

"Everyone is so warm and friendly and cannot do enough for you and you don't have to ask; if someone spots you struggling, or needing something they are there, carrying heavy equipment or doing whatever it takes. It is all very professional, but unobtrusive."
( Jaych 26 May 2016 ) 

"The staff is really nice and really helpful"
( 21 August 2011 )


"Definitely could do with A/C in the en suite huts. Finally found out the best way to sleep was with my feet at the head of the bed so I was closer to the fan."
( 12 September 2011 ) 

"We stayed in a hut. Good beds, no bathroom, no aircon. The shared bathrooms and toilets are cleaned multiple times a day and always in perfect condition. There is always enough hot water to take a warm shower. If you are willing to pay more, you can book the chalets with bathroom and aircon."
( 21 August 2011 ) 


"A wonderful first night in our tents listening to the roar of the waves hitting the reef outside the bay. Surprisingly cool compared with El Gouna (a resort 4 hours north up the coast) at night and expecting to wake up at 6am too hot to stay in the tent, we all slept in until past 7am with two blankets covering me !"
( 15 June 2010 ) 


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                     MARSA NAKARI PHOTOS

                               A Royal Tent.

                View of the tents from outside.

                             The challets.

                            The restaurant

Video of Nakari village diving and the restaurant.
Jan 2011 - 2.53 min - over 7,000 views. 

Diving at Nakari and tour around the hotels and rooms. 
May 2008 - 4.03 minutes - over 7,000 views.

Drone shots of Marsa Nakari and its reefs from the air.
29 April 2016 - 3.09 minutes - over 2,000 views. 

Promotional video of the village, beach and reefs.
January 2015 - 3 minutes - over 2000 views. 

Scuba Diving on the Coral Reef at Marsa Nakari
August 2017 - 6.22 minutes - over 300 views

                The Roman ruins at Nakari

                        Marsa Nakari beach

                       Kayaks on the beach

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