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Our recommended best five star hotel for 2020 - On, the Palace at Port Ghalib is rated as one of the very best hotels in the Marsa Alam region (see below) with an unrivaled reputation for service and a great location at the centre of Port Ghalib marina

: 309 rooms including 13 royal suites and a three bedroomed presidential suite.

Room facilities: Private balcony or terrace. Cable television, safe, hairdryer, mini-bar and butler station, direct-dial telephone, radio, electric razor plug, air conditioning, ceiling fan and 24-hour Room Service.   The bathrooms have a large bath and a walk-in shower. Wheelchair accessible rooms are available and  premium butler and valet services are available on request.    According to one newspaper report  the hotel also "boasts a £2,500-a-night three-bedroomed presidential suite, which has already attracted several top names in politics and business." ( Sunday Mercury  7 August 2008 ) .

Premium room services include butler, free morning newspaper delivered to the room, separate check-in area, turndown service and a valet service. 

Location: at Port Ghalib less than ten minutes drive (5km/3m) from Marsa Alam airport and about half way between the towns of Marsa Alam and El Quseir.   The town of Marsa Alam lies 67km or 41 miles to the south.    The hotel lies close to many faciliites within the Port Ghalib Marina development and is just 500 metres from the Corniche (waterfront) shopping area and 700 metres from the marina.    

Hotel facilities: No fewer than three restaurants with menus in the main Olive Restaurant said to be created by Michelin star chef, Conrad Gallagher. Two bars including the Pool Bar which serves light snacks, sandwiches and ice creams and the Look Out Bar, also outdoors, for pre- and after-dinner drinks. Also gym, health club, parking, swimming pool, business centre, ATM, car rental, casino, doctor, florist, gift shop, pharmacy, beauty centre, camel riding, scuba diving, quad biking, deep sea fishing, tennis, mini golf, babysitter, playground, kid's meals and kid's programme.

Newspaper Review on the food: "(The) personal touch of Michelin-starred executive chef Conrad Gallagher....(meant)... my seared scallops on prawn risotto, and my husband’s prime steak, was one of the best meals we’ve tasted." ( Sunday Mercury 7 August 2008 )

You can book a room at Port Ghalib Palace Resort by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival.


Our recommended best five star hotel for 2020 - On, the Palace at Port Ghalib is rated as one of the very best hotels in the Marsa Alam region with an unrivaled reputation for service and a great location at the centre of Port Ghalib marina. It had a ranking of 1st of all 5 Port Ghalib hotels as of 12 May 2019, unchanged on February 2018. When we had checked earlier in April 2017, it was ranked on the basis of all hotels in the entire Marsa Alam area and then it was rated as 4th out of 72 hotels ( unchanged on its earlier ranking in November 2016 ). As of 12 May 2019, 91.9% of reviewers rated it as either 'very good' or 'excellent' (a slight slip from 92.8% in February 2018 ) and just 2.2% rated it as either 'poor' or 'terrible' ( up a little from the impressively low level of 1.8% attained in February 2018 ). 

There has been no really significant change in its high ratings on TripAdvisor over recent years as can be seen in the table below. 

     Date       'very good' 
       or 'excellent' 
    'poor' or
   07/2013            94%         2%
   11/2016            93%         2%
   04/2017            93%         2%
   02/2018            92.8%         1.8%
   05/2019            91.9%         2.2%

On its ranking, as of 12 May 2019, is good but not quite as impressive as it was in February 2018. The hotel overall scored 4.9 ( down from 5.1 ), with very respectable scores for location at 5.3 ( down from 5.4), rooms at 5.2 ( down from 5.4 ) and service at 4.8 ( down from 5.2) with slightly lower scores for gastronomy at 4.7 ( down from 5.0 ) and sport at 4.5 ( down from 4.7 ).  83% of HolidayCheck reviewers said they would recommend the hotel, which was a decrease on the 89% recorded in February 2018, and the 94% scored in April 2017.                                                                                                                                    
 Category  11/2016  04/2017  02/2018  05/2019 
 hotel      5.4     5.5      5.1     4.9
 rooms      5.5     5.5      5.4     5.2
 service      5.4     5.5      5.2     4.8
 gastronomy      5.2     5.4      5.0     4.7
 location      5.2     5.3      5.4     5.3
 sport      4.9     4.9      4.7     4.5
 recommend        ?     94%     89%     83%

While it's no longer the newest fire star in Marsa Alam, it fights hard to maintain its reputation as one of the very best hotels in the region and in our opinion its combination of top service and convenient location make it the most tempting of all. 
Guest reviews on and have been mostly very positive -


"The staff is kind, polite and friendly. We never had the feeling that we had to tip to get good service.The first week we were there the hotel was 95% full and we didn't have the feeling the service was less good than last year when it was less busy. Sometimes there were queues at the hot food but never so long that it spoiled our meals." 
( Maenan 17 December 2017 )

"I visited the Palace Port Ghalib in January 2017 for one week. The name of the hotel is definitely true.  It is a palace ! Our room was very nice, big and clean. We had a little balcony with a view on the lagoon of Port Ghalib which made the sunset a truely great joy every day."
( MarcSagi March 2017 )  

"The hotel itself is an oriental palace of 1001 nights. It is beautiful especially in the night when candles are everywhere. It is a quiet hotel and perfect for tourists who would like to have a relaxing holiday."
( Bauer 22 February 2017 ) 

 "My time at the Palace was the best hotel experience Ive ever had. The staff couldn't have been more attentive and welcoming. I was with a large group for an event and the hotel helped to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. We did a wide variety of activities and had the time of our lives !......Huge thanks to everyone at the Palace. I will definitely be back !"
( Chelsi November 2016 )  

"What a lovely hotel ! Had a great day due to all the wonderful people who made just everything possible. Service, food, rooms - everything was great ! Thank you for everything. I will definitely come back ! For sure."
( JLoHH November 2016 )  

"Beautiful resort and pools. The coral reefs are right there across the pool and are so lush and the water is so warm. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Food was great with a huge variety of dishes always available at the buffet. The wifi in the lobby was much better than other resorts I visited."
( IMC399 November 2016 ) 

"If you want to have a great hotel, the beach right in front of you with a great reef combined with great food, this is definitely one of the best options you can get at the moment."
( Benschnau November 2016 ) 

"The hotel itself is a beautiful building and immaculately maintained with the most friendly staff. We loved the tranquil beach, sunshine and watching dive safari boats come and go over a drink or gelato in the Marina.... Would recommend to anyone."
( Geoff November 2016 ) 

"Everyday warm with a blue sky; palm trees; a beautiful sea at your doorstep; good beds and nice rooms' extremely friendly service - sounds like a holiday paradise ? It is a holiday paradise - called The Palace at Port Ghalib."
( A8888888 28 July 2016 ) 

"The Palace Port Ghalib is indeed a wonderful place.... The garden is beautifully maintained and the clean beach has lots of space for everyone. The Palace as well as the view of the sea is sparkling, dreamlike and very pleasing to the eyes. I truly enjoyed my stay and will keep the beautiful memories alive."
( Thanh 15 May 2016 ) 

"Six out of six stars. A fabulous hotel, great service and friendly staff. Although everything was still at a very high level; there were two things that had changed since last year. The private beach wasn't private anymore - rented to an Italian tour agency. It was crowded...... (and on Sundays) dinner was a menu instead of a buffet (and) on two different Sundays we had the same entree..... Nevertheless, we had a great vacation and will certainly be back at the end of 2013."
( Christian H 26 May 2013 )

"We spent a total of five weeks here. Three weeks the first time in April and we were so impressed we had to come back for two more weeks a few months later."
( 6 May 2012 ) 

"We found the hotel to be extremely luxurious, the staff very attentive and the whole stay very relaxing.....Overall we had a fantastic week. We came home thoroughly rested, which is what we needed. We go a really good dead, but I'm not sure I would be happy paying the full price for this holiday."
( 23 April 2012 ) 

"If you want a cheap deal, or an all inclusive package, you may want to look elsewhere, but if you want a great place to stay, look no further.  I have stayed in hotels across Egypt - Luxor, Aswan, Sharm, Hurghada - and this is the best one I've seen !" 
( 17 April 2012 )

"We would recommend this hotel to anyone based on the cleanliness, friendliness and atmosphere. Whoever wants entertainment or action is at the wrong place here.  All in all we were completely satisfied and would love to go back."
( Lars May 2011 ) 

"I would definitely recommend the hotel.....This is my idea of five stars.  The reef nearby is close to reach, a dream to go snorkeling, the small port within walking distance and the rooms nice and clean. You can also always find spaces by the pool or beach." 
( Tanja August 2010 ) 


"The red sea in general with its corals is the cleanest and most wonderful sea we have ever seen in our lives ! You only need to go 5 minutes from the hotel to see amazing fish ! It is the perfect place for divers and to go snorkeling."
( Imrana 18 September 2016 ) 

"Without a doubt the biggest draw to the area is the snorkeling and scuba diving, it is truly fantastic. Even at the end of the short pier you will see all sorts of wonderful fish and coral, it really is like swimming in a tropical fish tank."
( Jalnic 5 April 2013 )

"The beach is not of soft sand although there are plenty of sunbeds to relax on. Swimming in the sea is not the easiest as the hotel is set on a coral reef; this is more than made up for by the jetty which you can walk along and see amazing coloured fish and from which you can also snorkel."
( TripAdvisor SteveBally 4 April 2013 ) 

"The hotel's beach is just beautiful.  Offering easy access (to the sea) through a shallow sandy entrance with colourful corals where you can just sit on your knees and observe underwater sea life as God created it.  Even though National Geographic and Blue Planet offer impressive views on a TV screen, nothing beats the real thing.  I've been all over the world and still nothing beats the Red Sea." 
( 24 April 2012 ) 

"On the beach the service is outstanding, you even get served fresh fruit during the day."
( Manon March 2011 ) 


"The staff were really kind and tried their best to comfort us ! Especially Mahmud Yousef, Ahmed G., the waiters, and the cleaner Yuzuf welcomed us with a warm smile and were always friendly and happy. You can see how hard they are working for the sucess of the hotel and for the guests."
( Imrana 18 September 2016 ) 

"Beyond standards there is much more important aspect of this luxury hotel and that's a real caring attitude, kindness, multilingual staff, friendly smiling people."
( Anna 13 February 2017 )

"The atmosphere was relaxing and friendly, so were the staff also they were polite at all times. There is so much warmth radiating from the staff which makes this hotel exceed my expectations of world class hotel. The management should be so proud of their staff which atually makes this hotel what it is."
( Laraine 11 September 2016 )

"The service was first class and if I was to name all those who assisted us and made our stay so enjoyable it would be a long list of names."
( Fotzsyzrk 9 May 2013 ) 

"Toba Abu Alam, who serviced our rooms, is simply an angel..... His timeliness, cleanliness, care and pampering, attention to detail..... all exceed expectations. He loves his job, he does it with pride and with the most beautiful smile.  It is people like Toba that give me hope in a brighter future for Egyptians."
( 24 April 2012 ) 

"The hotel staff - from the concierge to the reception desk to the house keepers to the waiters to customer relations - were all very friendly and helpful: indeed, among the most welcoming and warm staff I've seen anywhere."
( TripAdvisor 17 April 2012 ) 


"We had a deluxe double room with sea view. The room was very large and beautifully spacious. Also, it was always very clean ! The safe was free of charge. The bed was very good, you could sleep great. Unfortunately there is no free WLAN in the rooms. Free of charge is (available) only in the lobby ! If you can not do without it in the room, it can be (arranged) for an extra charge."
( Evi March 2017 - she rated the rooms at a maximum six out of six stars ) 

"Room tips - Rooms on the south side are quieter - Corner suites are large and sunny."
( Barrie 7 November 2016 )  

"Large shower, bathtub, air conditioning, small balacony, hairdryer, soap, shower gel, free body lotion. Fresh towels every day. Bathing bag with two large towels for the beach also available in the room. The room itself can be locked from the inside and has a great safe which easily fits a large SLR type camera."
( Translation from original review on - 
Jacky November 2016 ) 

"Room service was punctual and neat, and the towel art was loved by children."
( MS M 28 May 2016 ) 

"We enjoyed a beautiful sea view room which was kept very clean and sometimes decorated with towels in the shape of flowers or animals - fantastic extra touch ! Thank you Mohamed Omran and Ahmed El Sayed ! The rooms were cleaned very well every day and had a very well working air conditioning that was not too noisy."
( 10 May 2016 ) 

"Room was spacious. Large bed with Egyptian linen. Spacious bathroom with walkin shower and bath. Very clean. Enough towels. Room has a minibar and hot water boiler for tea and coffee and a flat screen television."
( Nienke November 2012 )

"The rooms are lovely. Everything that you could expect from a five star hotel was there. A mini-bar, flat screen television with 32 channels, a TV guide to choose the channel, a coffee and tea kettle (free), a bottle of water a day (free), a safe, an iron, bath robes, slippers, luxury bath amenities with separate shower, bath and toilet"
( 4 April 2012 ) 


"The food is extremely good. From the starters to the deserts, the drinks and the snacks. A lot of variety in themes: international, sea-food, easter.... Top"
( Kurt 30 August 2016 )

"The kitchen offers a wide choice in whatever you prefer to eat and all staff - no excption - are really very friendly and helpful. We would like to mention specifically Ahmed Gharib, who did a great job serving us in the restaurant: always with a smile, polite, friendly, fast and efficient."
( A8888888 28 July 2016 ) 

"Food was really nice. A variety of buffets with something new every day. We did not get bored by eating at the same place every day. We won't forget the omlette of the chef at breakfast."
( MS M 28 May 2016 ) 

"We chose B&B as we thought it would be nice to eat at the marina.....There is a TGI and Pizza Hut (food was excellent in each) but there was almost nobody there......No alcohol is served in the marina.  There are a couple of Costa Cafes and we went there for coffee and cake which was very good."
( 23 April 2012 ) 

"The food is top notch. The breakfast buffet is excellent, and we had a very nice sandwich lunch in the pool bar.  For dinner we had the buffet on Egyptian night ( complete with belly dancer ) and ate pasta and fish dishes off the a la carte menu another night - in all cases the food was delicious and the local wine fantastic."
( 17 April 2012 )

"Lunch is served on the terrace of the Pool Bar and is a la carte. You can eat salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta,  pizza, pita, meat, fish and even lobster ! Prices go from 55 (++) Egyptian pounds (salad) to 320 (++) Egyptian pounds (Lobster).....Not too expensive like in European five star hotels.  Quality was excellent.  Service was perfect."
( TripAdvisor 4 April 2012 ) 

"The lunch and dinner buffet did not have a lot of variety. The food was tasty though and fresh.  It was a pity that it most often took some time to take away the used plates.  In the morning the serving of coffee and tea was not too fast either.  Sometimes it seemed that there were more managers than waiters. But the restaurant was very clean, no complaints there."
( Manon March 2011 )

You can book a room at Port Ghalib Palace Resort by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival. 


Check out reviews on the Palace at Port Ghalib on and even book your room.

Read reviews on The Palace at Port Ghalib on

Check rates and book a room at The Palace at Port Ghalib at

Check rates and book a room at The Palace at Port Ghalib at

Check rates and book a room at The Palace at Port Ghalib with

Check rates and book a room at The Palace Port Ghalib at

Check rates and book a room at The Palace at Port Ghalib at



Promotional video (shot using drones) of the hotel.
April 2017 - 3.09 mins - over 2,000 views

Promotional video for Port Ghalib Resort
June 2016 - 2.35 minutes - over 6,000 views

Short video tour of the hotel
October 2011 - 1.20 min - over 3000 views.  

The hotel's guest manager shows off the resort.
January 2010 - 4.55 minutes - over 18,000 votes

Snorkeling and beach activities at Port Ghalib
August 2016 - 4.28 minutes - over 5,000 views.

A video of a dance during an entertainment event March 2013 - 2.16min - over 400 views

           Impressively grand hotel entrance.

     And equally impressive reception - view 1

                                 Dining area

                          Bedroom View

                    Bedroom View 2

                           Bedroom view 3

                          Bathroom View 1

                            Bathroom view 2

  The presidential suite for those who can afford it.

                      The Olive Restaurant

         Great views - atmospheric oriental style.

                                Swimming Pool

         Decent intervals between the sunbeds.

                 Another tempting beach view

                      The Beach at sunset

               Fantastic snorkeling and diving


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