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Shams Alam Resort - As of 23 Mary 2019, the resort's rating on TripAdvisor stood at 35th out of 69 hotels, but it is rated at an impressive level of 5.0 out of six stars on HolidayCheck who's reviewers generally rate it highly for location and service. Should you decide you want to stay here we've included some brief details about the resort.

Rooms: 160 - all sea facing.

Room Facilities:
Rooms are reasonably spacious and built in a traditional Islamic design.  Room facilities include air conditioning, in-room safe, private bathroom,  mini-bar,  satellite TV, 24 hour room service, small seating area and balconies with a sea view.  Rooms with disabled facilities are available.

Location: 45 km south of the town of Marsa Alam in the Wadi Gemal National Park.
110km south of Marsa Alam airport.

Hotel Facilities: 1km long private beach, a main restaurant which provides (to quote 08/08) "many lip-smacking dishes to its guests",  a coffee shop which serves drinks and snacks and (according to AsiaRooms 08/08) "this charming hotel provides lunch boxes",  weekly oriental show, horse riding, camel riding, massage, children's play area, squash, billiards, table tennis, beach volleyball, Roman Theatre, night club, shops and a bedouin tent. There's a great choice of bars for anyone who likes to be always near a drink - beach bar, swimming pool bar, billiard bar and even a diving bar !    A nearby diving center can provide diving and snorkelling lessons. 


On TripAdvisor, as of 23 May 2019, the hotel was ranked 35th out of 69 hotels in the Marsa Alam region which is an improvement on its 39th position out of 66 hotels in July 2013, though a slight slip from its position of 34th out of 68 hotels in February 2018 and 33rd out of 74 hotels in January 2017. 77.1 per cent of reviewers rated the resort as either 'very good' or 'excellent' ( + 10.1% since July 2013 ) and just 9.3% gave it either a 'poor' or 'terrible' rating ( -2.7% since July 2013 ). 

The results for the last four times we checked TripAdvisor are given in the table below. Please note that prior to 2018 the figures were rounded to the nearest percentage point. 

Date Jul
Ranking 39th/66  33rd/74  34th/68  35th/69 
"very good"
or "excellent" 
 67%   76%   76.2%   77.1%
"poor" or
 12%    9%   9.6%   9.3%

On, as of 23 May 2019, the resort scored a good 5.0 out of six stars ( down slightly on the 5.1 out of six stars achieved in February 2018, but better than the 4.9 scored back in July 2013 ). As of 23 May 2019, the highest scores were awarded for service at 5.4 ( down slightly on the level of 5.5 reached in February 2018 ), location at 5.3 ( unchanged on 2018 ) and gastronomy at 5.0 ( also unchanged ), with slightly lower scores for rooms at 4.7 ( down marginally from 4.8 in February 2018 ) and sport and entertainment at a still reasonable 4.6 ( again down slightly on the level of 4.7 achieved last year ). 

 Date Jul
 % recomm        ?         ?      95%      92%
 hotel      4.9       5.2       5.1    5.0
 service      5.2       5.5       5.5    5.4
 rooms      5.0       5.3       4.8    4.7
 gastronomy      4.8       5.3       5.0    5.0
 sport & ent.      4.8       5.1       4.7    4.6
 location      4.8       5.0       5.3    5.3

As of 23 May 2019, an impressive 92% of HolidayCheck reviewers said they would recommend the resort, a lot higher than many other hotels, possibly due to the impressive scores the hotel received both for service and location. However, this still represented a decline from the 95% of reviewers who said the same in February 2018. Unfortunately we didn't check the figure in previous years. 


"Architecturally well integrated into the landscape... with very friendly service and the best opportunities for surfing, snorkelling and diving."
( approximate translation - Hilfreich February 2018 )

"The resort.... offers everything you could want: beautiful sea, very good restaurant, waiters attentive to individual needs, diving........ A special congratulations to all the Egyptian staff, fantastic !"
( approximate translation from review in Italian by Fradaro 17 January 2017 )

"Shams Alam exceeded all my expectations.... While it is not very luxurious, it is a good four star hotel. The resort atmosphere is very relaxing. The design of the hotel makes everything (beach, restaurants, pool, reception) easily accessible and close by....Rooms and bathrooms have been renovated, very nice, clean." 
( Sami 16 November 2016 )

"Fifth time in three years for us here and going next week again. Now only as a couple but four times before with children of nine. We love the atmosphere and the people here."
( Sara May 2013 )  

"Sicuramente lo consigliamo a chi ama il mare e la tranquiliità." Translation - Definitely recommend it to those who love the sea and tranquility.
( 30 April 2012 ) 

"c'e' qualcosa di spirituale in questo posto. camere pittoreske e ampie con bella vista mare, cibo allettante." Translation - There is something spiritual in this place, picturesque and spacious rooms with beautiful sea views,  tempting food.
( 12 October 2011 )

"una vacanza che restera' indelebile nel mio cuore per tutte le emozioni che ho avuto in quel magnifico posto,dove ti senti libero e spensierato come un bambino" Translation - A holiday that will remain indelibly in my heart for all the emotions I had in that wonderful place where you feel free and carefree as a child.   
( 3 October 2011 ) 

"Good value place to relax"
( TripAdvisor 14 July 2008 )

"We keep on returning."
( TripAdvisor 10 May 2008 )


"The service in the whole hotel is exemplary." 
( Hans March 2013 )

"Personnel atentionné et irreprochable." Translation - attentionate and impeccable staff.
( 26 February 2012 ) 

"I ragazzi dell'animazione sono tutti molto soft e carinissimi" Translation - the animation guys are very soft and cute.
( 16 October 2011 )

"C’è da sottolineare che il personale si impegna veramente per fare il massimo, sono tutti gentilissimi ed efficienti e non ci hanno mai chiesto mance, che abbiamo lasciato solo alla fine per ringraziarli." Translation - It must be stressed that the staff really try to do the most for you and are all very polite and efficient.  We were never asked for tips and only gave them at the end to thank them.
( 10 October 2011 )

"The service is very obliging, easy communication, almost the whole staff speaks English and Italian and even little German. All persons are making efforts to fulfill your whishes, the waiters, the room-service as well as the managers themselves."
( 14 March 2011 )

"The kitchen staff and waiters could not be more accommodating or try harder to make you happy."
( 10 May 2008 )


"Whilst not the most modern of bathrooms, the shower and water temperature was excellent, and everything worked as it should, including the plug in the sink." 
( Carol M. 9 May 2013 )

"le camere erano sempre pulite con lenzuola e asciugamani cambiati ogni giorno acqua fresca sempre presente nel frigo."   Translation - The rooms were always clean with fresh sheets and towells changed every day.  Fresh water always available in the refrigerator.
( 10 October 2011 ) 

"The rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated. All rooms have either balcony or terrace, mosquito nets, television, etc. We did not miss anything. The bathrooms are large enough, a little bit old, but always clean."
(  14 March 2011 )


"The food was sufficient, tasty, wholesome and with a sufficient proportion of local fruit and vegetables. It was missing (a wide) diversity, but with only about sixty guests (maximum 300) this was hardly possible." 
( Peter December 2012 )

" The selection and quality of the food is good to very good. At least twice a week there is a barbecue with either large fish or meat supply, and every day you have offers of Arabic food and even diet food. There is a large choice of fresh salads and sauces and especially the prepared salads of leftovers are very tasty. The dessert buffet offers enormous selection of delicious cakes, tarts, creams, and you have always seasonal fruit."
( 14 March 2011 ) 


"A fantastic spot for windsurfers as well as a great staff at the mistral club. The biggest treasure here is the coral reef easily reachable from the beach; even the kids of five can snorkel and see the unbelievable sea life. Beautiful as a paradise."
( Sara May 2013)

"It was incredible and a heaven for snorkelers of all capabilities. In the shallows you can drift along the edge of the corals and see all the usual variety of fish without going out of your depth, and this would be the most amazing place for children to learn how to snorkel. For those who are a bit more brave, you can swim around the outer edge of the reef from the beach, and come out up the ladder on the jetty."
( Carol M. 9 May 2013 ) 

"The reefs are in decent shape and offer some fine snorkeling with a good variety of sea life........The beach is well kept, very clean"
( 10 May 2008 ) 

" The reef is intact, great coral formations, clear water, many fishes can be seen even by the non-expert snorkelers. Sand beach, (not very common in the Red Sea). Sand bottom allows entrance in the sea without protection shoes: ideal for children. Good spaced beach umbrellas."
( 14 July 2008 ) 


The dining room.

Most standard rooms had a sea view.

Windsurfing off the beach

Shams Alam reef - beautifully filmed
May 2019 - 19.14 mins - 59+ likes - 3,400+ views 

Views of the room, the gardens, the beach and the sea.
May 2019 - 11.42 mins - 13+ likes - 2,500+ views

Shams Alam - 'The best of our Holiday' 
Aug 2019 - 9.57 mins - 3+ likes - 320+ views 

Promotional video of Shams Alam by Alpitour.
November 2014 - 4 minutes - over 5,000 views.

Guest's enchanting video of the beach & reef
August 2017 - 26.42 minutes - over 2,000 views

Check guests' memories of resort, beach & reef
July 2017 - 4.09 minutes - over 1,000 views

Hotel gardens reasonably well maintained

Sandy beach for children

The Wadi Gamal Diving Centre at Shams Alam

Dive Centre staff on the beach

Video of Shams Alam beach & the house reef. December 2015 - 4.55 minutes - over 1,500 views.

A couple share their holiday snaps of Shams 
September 2012 - 13 minutes.

The resort at dusk.

Shams Alam Room.

Shams Alam Main Restaurant.

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