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Opened: 2007.

Rooms: 315 including 14 (2X7) connecting rooms and one suite.  Also available are five honeymoon rooms near the beach. 

Room facilities: Private balcony with a full or partial sea view. Ensuite bathroom, hairdryer, desk, air conditioning, mini-fridge, safe, satellite TV, direct dial telephone, sitting area and laundry service.

Location: Just 6 km from Marsa Alam airport and 70 km from Marsa Alam and 67 km from El Quseir.  It lies just outside the Port Ghalib Marina complex of hotels, restaurants and shops, which is a 30 minute walk away.  There may also be a free water taxi available.   

Hotel facilities: Three restaurants - a main buffet restaurant with several themed nights, the Chez Pascal offering a la carte Belgian cuisine,  the Lagoona Beach Restaurant offering snacks.  Three bars (lobby bar, pool bar and beach bar), two swimming pools encircled by sub beds and sun shades (free of charge), a kid's pool nearby, an 800 metre long sandy beach and access to a coral reef. A diving centre, quad biking, horse and camel riding, table tennis, aerobics, beach volleyball, billiards, darts, an open-air whirlpool, baby cots and chairs, laundry, shopping, medical service, massage.  Wireless internet is available in the lobby and around the pool area.  The wifi in the lobby is free.  There is also a spa available with a fully equipped fitness room, jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna and rest and massage areas. 


You can book a room at Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza by emailing  - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival.


Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza's ratings have been continually improving over recent years, with the percentage of reviewers rating the resort either 'very good' or 'excellent' rising from 88% in October 2012 to 93.3% as of 20 May 2019, while the percentage of those rating it as 'poor' or 'terrible' has declined from an already low level of 4% in October 2012 to just 1.4% in May 2019. However, the competition among top hotels has been so fierce that such improvements haven't prevented the resort slipping slightly in the overall ranking during the last year, falling from 5th place (out of 68 hotels in the region) in February 2018 to 11th place (out of 69 hotels) as of 19 May 2019, despite the ongoing improvement in ratings.  

The results for the last five times we checked the figures on TripAdvisor are given in the table below. Please note that prior to 2018 the ratings were calculated to the nearest percentage point. 

Category Oct 2012 Oct 2016  Apr 2017  Feb 2018  May
Ranking     ?   6th 5th/71 5th/68 11th/69 
'very good' or 'excellent'  88%   91%   92%  92.6%   93.3%
'poor' or
   4%     2%     2%
  1.6%    1.4%

On, as of 19 May 2019, the resort had attained an impressive rating of 5.5 out of six stars from reviewers ( no change on February 2018 but up from an already respectable level of 5.2 in July 2013 ) with improvements (relative to 2013) in most categories except for rooms which at 5.1 was a slight decline on the 5.3 scored in 2013 and sport and entertainment at 5.1 which was only marginally down on the 5.2 achieved in 2013. However, the May 2019 score for service was exemplary at 5.6, though a tiny fraction down on the astonishing level of 5.7 attained in February 2018, while the ratings for both gastronomy and location are impressive at 5.3 and 5.4 respectively. 95% of reviewers said they would recommend the resort ( up from 93% in 2013, but just short of the 96% level reached in February 2018 ).  The full results for the last five times we checked the figures on HolidayCheck are given in the table below. 

Category Jul 
hotel  5.2  5.3  5.4  5.5   5.5
service  5.5  5.5  5.6  5.7   5.6
gastronomy  5.1  5.2  5.3  5.4   5.3
rooms  5.3  5.3   5.3  5.2   5.1
sport & ent.  5.2  5.2  5.2  5.2   5.1
location  4.9  5.0  5.1  5.4   5.4
% recomm  93%  94%  96%  96%   95%

Not surprisingly reviews on TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck have been generally very positive - 


"Fourth time back to the Three Corners Fayrouz. This hotel just gets better. Everyone who works here are all so happy and friendly and go out of there way to help you to have the best holiday  Everywhere so clean and tidy from the beach to the grounds and of course hotel and rooms."
( Russell 9 December 2017 )

"My recommendation to all my friends will be this hotel, great view and amazing staff - very friendly, helpful and professional.  All it needs is more entertainment shows but for anyone who seeks a beautiful peaceful holiday it will be the best choice."
( TripAdvisor Erinegress 16 February 2017 )

"The hotel is a magical hotel, you are always made to feel very special every time you visit. Been here many, many times and we never cease to be amazed at the service you receive from everybody."
( TripAdvisor Cheersmate October 2016 )   

"From the moment you get out of the coach you know you are in a special place with warm smiles, a cold towel and drink and the GM Haggag greeting you. We asked for a quiet room near the dive centre and got a picture perfect room that looked out onto the beach and sea."
( TripAdvisor Jay September 2016 ) 

"The hotel's private beach is inviting and you can enjoy the sun and the nearby reef for diving and snorkeling. The entertainment was diverse and not intrusive. Pool area, gardens and beach were very clean and tidy. The offered excursions are however not cheap and participation should be considered carefully."
( Ute March 2013 ) 

"This is not the place to travel to for the nightlife, but to see nature's beauty and to recharge your batteries."
( Maxim 27 September 2012 )

"Everywhere friendly staff and happy guests. Ideal for people in search of peace and quiet."
( Horst August 2012 )

"If you're looking for action you are in the wrong place, but if you are looking to relax or go snorkeling or diving then this hotel is not to be missed."
( Antje July 2012 )

"If you like a nice beach, clear blue water, wonderful staff, good food, a relaxing place, this is where you should go."
( Vanja April 2012 ) 

"If you like a restful vacation in a wonderful place with a nice blue sea, beautiful gardens and smiling people this is the place to be !"
( 4 April 2012 ) 

"We would go back to this hotel without a second thought."
( Nigel March 2012 ) 


"....Everyone from gardeners to management all so friendly....We both had our birthdays there (and) they made us a cake and sang to us. Many thanks to Mr Haggag and his team and looking forward to our return."
( Russel 8 January 2017 )

".....What is not perfect (not everything can ever be perfect) is made good by the staff  ... no matter whether waiters, room boy, bartender or  chef or gardener. They always laugh and satisfy every wish ... If you have something to complain should please choose another hotel."
( This reviewer rated the service at six out of six stars )
( Martina October 2016 )  

"....Nothing is every too much for them to do to make your holiday special. Mr Haggag (the GM) has been there for 25 years and is passionate about you having a good relaxing time which he instills  into his staff."
( TripAdvisor Jay September 2016 )  

"All of the staff, even the grounds staff, were the friendliest bunch we hae encountered throughout the hotel resorts in Egypt....  Mr Haggag (the manager) was always available and took an interest in the guests."
( TripAdvisor Irene September 2016 )  

"....A perfect service from our dear friend Mohamed.... our cleaning guy. The room was kept in a perfect state every day, when we needed anything he came immediately."
( TripAdvisor Radka August 2016 ) 

"All work done by men. No women except for in the spa. However the hotel staff were all very pleasant and always helpful. If you offered a small tip they were glad and grateful."
( HolidayCheck Ute March 2013 ) 

"What makes this hotel special is the staff. Friendly, attentive, and so hard working, every one of them from the animation team, to the waiters, gardeners, spa staff, bar staff, cleaners and those in the office. They all make you feel so welcome and really do put themselves out to make your stay perfect. They even made that extra effort once we had left and returned to England, as my daughter left her favourite jacket behind. They not only found it for her but posted it back to us in the UK."
( efw72 30 September 2012 )

This was my fifth visit.... From the moment you arrive you are made to feel incredibly welcome by all the staff... And in fact you feel like you are arriving home, many of the staff are the same and it is amazing how they recognize you....  The staff are superb, extremely attentive, efficient and friendly and nothing is too much trouble for them. From the bar staff and waiters to the gardeners and pool boy they made us feel comfortable and welcome."
( Boz 24 September 2012 ) 

"Manager Mr El Ammari and all the staff, chefs, animation team....made our holiday an amazing experience. Thank you guys ! Don't miss the evening shows as they are super funny !"
( 3 May 2012 ) 

"The service could not be better ! Clean rooms, nice and friendly waiters.  Superb !"
( Ernst April 2012 ) 

"The only real pain during the two weeks was that the staff all had something they were required to sell - fish restaurant, massage, party - and they would come two or three times each day as they obviously had targets.  I was never rude, and my husband always pretended to be asleep, but it was a bit much to be asked over and over."
( 2 April 2012 ) 

"Staff could not have been more friendly always trying to be as helpful as possible. Rooms were cleaned well and the whole hotel was always spotless."
            TripAdvisor 4 February 2009


"Well arranged beach with plenty of sun loungers and purest sea with well-preserved coral reefs. Although I'm not a fan of snorkeling or diving for those who love these kinds of sports this place will become a new paradise."
( Elena 9 January 2017 ) 

"...Unfortunately there were strong winds and a choppy sea, which prevented us from enjoying the outer reef. However, there are other entry points including one where the sea is shallow with three quiet coves and sunbeds. We .... walked the twenty minutes to the bay of Marsa Mubarak where you can enter the sea from the beach. All in all we saw turtles, trigger fish, lion fish, and for the first time one stone fish and one scorpion fish."
( TripAdvisor Irene September 2016 ) 

"....the beach. Ah, where to start ? Calm, nice, quiet, not at all full. We always found a good spot for sunbathing, close to the beach restaurant.....  corals are beautiful and the fish like tiny diamonds... The most romantic part of everything was watching the beautiful stars in the night... For me it is a special place that I will forever hold a special place in my heart."
( Tripadvisor Radka August 2016 ) 

"There is a local animal called the dugong... Like a manatee.  It's very rare. It can be found at Marsa Mubarak... a 15 minute walk along the beach. Head to the beach and turn right - south. Keep walking past the "Restricted Area" sign and keep going until you reach the bay with two abandoned hotel buildings..... There is an outcrop of large stone in the middle of the beach....  The (best) time to see it is early mornings or late afternoons. We saw it twice around 17.30... When it surfaced it actually brushed past me."
( TripAdvisor Giftzwerg 1 July 2013 ) 

"The reef was amazing with to die for snorkeling and also "Turtle Bay", which is a twenty minute easy walk away.  We even swam with turtles off the jetty. But also we didn't get to see the sea cow... may be next time !"
( pbax 18 October 2012 )

"Beautiful long sandy beach, great for snorkeling and diving. You could always get a beach chair, no matter whether at the pool or at the beach.  That was really good as you could sleep in without having to reserve chairs."
( Kaja July 2012 )

"The beach has plenty of comfortable sunbeds, sunshades and wind breaks. At times the wind can be quite strong so these are necessary but they do add to the feeling of privacy. The beach restaurant provides lunches and afternoon snacks so you can spend all day soaking up the sun and doing nothing very easily although diving, camel riding etc are on offer if you've a need for these."
( 5 May 2012 ) 

"We didn't really like the beach as there is no direct (walk in) access to the sea (because of the coral).  In the shallow water (first access from the jetty) you will not see any nice fish.  I'm not a good swimmer, however I managed to get into the water from the second access and it's not very deep.  What I saw there was a breath taking water wonderland. Amazing !"
( 3 May 2012 ) 

"The reef in front of the hotel is breath taking, absolutely fantastic ! Also the water is clean and snorkeling is fun !"
( Ernst April 2012 ) 

"The hotel itself has a jetty......You can walk half the way up it and snorkel in a moderately shallow place.....(but) If you venture to the end of the jetty, off to the left is a lagoon which is reasonably calm and hosts a bigger selection of fish......If you walk ten to fifteen minutes down the beach to the right you will come to an abandoned bay.  Go early in the morning and you will have a memorable experience for the rest of your life.......Every time we went we saw a family of turtles.  They are grazing on the sea grass early morning and completely friendly."
( 18 April 2012 ) 

"Most of the guests are German charter tourists. They start to occupy the sunbeds and umbrellas at six am."
( TripAdvisor 9 April 2012 ) 

"A ten minute walk and you are at Turtle Bay, where yes, you can swim off the beach with turtles, and if you get up early enough even sea cows !"
( TripAdvisor 6 April 2012 ) 

"It's a perfect place for snorkeling and if you are afraid of going under water you can see a lot of different fishes from the beach. Fantastic !"
( Vanja March 2012 ) 

"The beach was nice apart from we had to play sports on there and the sand was very shelly so i had alot of cuts in my feet by the end on my holiday."
            TripAdvisor 30 January 2009


"The room was very clean and well furnished. We slept very well and couldn't hear any noise from the neighbouring rooms."
( This reviewer rated the rooms at six out of six stars )
( Didi March 2017 )

"The rooms are very clean and large. Again we had a room directly on the beach. The room boy was perfect. We never had a grain of sand in the room !"
( This reviewer rated the rooms at six out of six stars )
( Martina October 2016 )

"Clean, tidy, spacious enough.... Mattresses and pillows a bit hard for my liking but you could ask at reception and they would change them. Showers nice and hot - plenty of power. Wardrobe could do with some more hangers (we had eight in total)....There is a house-safe which you can programme free of charge. You get two large bottles of water in your room at the start of the holiday (and) you can refill them from water fillers from around the hotel. Balcony with table and chairs and plenty of room to dry swimming...stuff."
( Giftzwerg 1 July 2013 ) 

"The rooms are very clean and large. Again we had a room directly on the beach. The room boy was perfect. We never had a grain of sand in the room !"
( This reviewer rated the rooms at six out of six stars )
( Martina October 2016 )

"The rooms were perfectly acceptable, mattress very firm, but you can change it if you request so no issues there."
( 6 April 2012 ) 


"Oh, the gardens just a bla
ze of colour everywhere with a regiment of gardeners !"
( 3 May 2012 ) 

"The gardens are out of the world, a vast array of colour, you could be in an English country garden, not the desert."
( 19 April 2012 ) 

"The hotel grounds are simply stunning. Flowers everywhere and perfect lawns."
( 6 April 2012 ) 

"This is a newish hotel with a nice layout but the grounds are far from finished. They are working very hard to establish trees, plants and grass but it will take time........There is no rainfall, no soil and a burning sun - conditions that would have any UK gardener throwing himself on the point of his trowel by lunchtime."
( Reviewer on TripAdvisor 18 January 2009  )  


PLEASE NOTE - the following comments were made several years ago (January 2009) and may no longer be valid - 
"Pool table (billiards) cost 5 euros for 1 hour, an absolutely ridiculously high price especially when there really wasn't much else for teenagers to do in the evening. my bill at the end of my holiday was a phenomenal £190. You also have to pay for all contents in the mini bar including the small bottles of water, for 1 coke 1 sprite and 1 small bottle of water on the night we arrived cost 38 Egyptian pound, approx £5. if you wanted to eat down at the beach restaurant on an evening, that was extra and Chez Pascal was just ridiculously priced...."
( Reviewer on TripAdvisor 9 January 2009 )


"The food is varied and of a high quality, the waiting staff remember your drinks and before you have sat down with food will have them on your table. I would highly recommend Chez Pascal - great food for reasonable prices. We had a two course meal with a 1kg lobster which was less than £41 for the two of us and the glorious chateaubriand was just £25 for both of us."
( TripAdvisor Jay September 2016 )  

"Food was excellent - tasty meat (chicken, lamb, beef, seafood). Potatoes were sometimes undercooked. Very friendly waiters."
( TripAdvisor Martins August 2016 ) 

"The food is very tasty and there's a lot to choose between.  I just adore the fish and all the different vegetables.  My husband loves the meat and of course both of us enjoy the desserts !"
( Vanja April 2012 ) 

"There was a wide variety of food from the buffet dining room......If you couldn't find something you liked then you are either very fussy or have a very narrow pallet."
( Nigel March 2012 ) 

"The food was good - very high attention to hygiene and presentation - enough selection for AI (All Inclusive) not to get boring. The AI drinks very good - once again Cocktails served with pride in nice glasses - during the day they are served in plastic cups - buy hey that is for your safety round the pool."
           TripAdvisor 31 December 2008


"If you can leave your sunbed for a couple of hours try the camels, horses or quads. You will certainly have some fun."
( 13 May 2012 ) 

You can book a room at Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival. 


Check rates and book a room at Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza with

Check rates and book a room at Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza with

Check rates and book a room at Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza with

Read the reviews on the Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort at

Read the reviews on Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza at


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                    Clean comfortable rooms

                          and spacious too !

          Layout for twin and double bedrooms

                   Three Corners Main restaurant

                  Staff at the main restaurant

l                Delicious cakes and pastries

               Enjoy the sea view with a drink

      Windbreaks provide some limited privacy

      Nice beach but sea access is from the jetty

                                                                Pool View 1

                                Pool View 2

                               Pool View 3

                                Pool and sea view

                      The hotel terrace at dusk

                       The terrace at night

                         The hotel restaurant

         Amazing snorkeling possible from the jetty

       Animation - "Don't miss the evening shows" 

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