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Rooms: 300 inc 2 suites, 2 king size bed rooms and 16 family rooms.

Room facitilies:  Air conditioning, babycot on request, bathroom with bath or shower,  mini-bar, Satellite TV and terrace or balcony.

Location: 50km north of Marsa Alam airport off the coastal road towards El Quseir but 110km north of the town of Marsa Alam and 22km south of El Quseir, an interesting port town with an Ottaman castle.

Facilities Animation,  bars,  cafes, restaurants,  children's playground and children's swimming pool, currency exchange, diving, games room, hairdresser,  doctor, internet, laundry,  limousine service,  mini-football,  parking, table tennis,  private beach, tennis court, table football,  volleyball, wireless internet (at extra cost).


You can book a room at Utopia Beach Resort by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival. 


On Tripadvisor, as of 26 May 2019, the resort had a ranking of 20th out of 69 hotels in the region, significantly better than its previous rankings of 25th out of 68 hotels in February 2018, 38th out of 74 hotels in January 2017 and 42nd out of 66 hotels in July 2013. 

The average TripAdvisor ratings, as of 26 May 2019, also represent an impressive improvement on previous years, with 76.6 per cent assessing the hotel as either 'very good' or 'excellent' ( up 9.2% since February 2018 and up 15.6% since January 2017 ), while just 10.4 per cent rated the resort as either 'poor' or 'terrible' ( down 4.6% since February 2018 and down 7.6% since January 2018 ). The figures for the last four times we checked TripAdvisor are given in the table below but please note that prior to 2018 the ratings were rounded to the nearest percentage point. 

Date July 
Ranking  42nd/66 38th/74 25th/68 20th/69 
%"very good"
or "excellent"
   60.0%   61.0%   67.4%  76.6%
% "poor"
or "terrible"
   19.0%   18.0%   15.0%  10.4%

On Holidaycheck, its ratings have also improved markedly since 2013. As of 26 May 2019, the hotel scored 4.9 out of a maximum six stars ( unchanged on 2018 ), with the highest ratings for service at 5.1 ( down slightly from 5.2 in 2018 ), rooms at 4.9 ( up from 4.8 ), sport and entertainment at 4.9 ( down from 5.1 ) and location also at 4.9 ( unchanged on 2018 ) and gastronomy lagging slightly at 4.6 ( unchanged ).  All categories, however, have seen significant improvements since July 2013 as you can see in the table below which gives all the figures for the last four dates we checked them on HolidayCheck. 

Date July
 % recomm     80%    84%   92%   91%
 hotel      4.5    4.6   4.9   4.9
 service     4.9    4.9   5.2   5.1
 sport & ent.     4.6    4.9   5.1   4.9
 rooms     4.7    4.7   4.8   4.9
 gastronomy     4.2    4.3   4.6   4.6
 location     4.2    4.3   4.9   4.9

As of 26 May 2019, 91 per cent of HolidayCheck reviewers said they would recommend the resort ( down slightly from 92% in February 2018, but well up on the level of 84% in January 2017 and 80% in July 2013. ) 

Overall on Tripadvisor and Holidaycheck reviews have been mixed but mostly favourable.


"We were at Utopia Beach Resort for the second time and we would return any time. The hotel is very family friendly. All the staff, the chefs, the waiters and especially the entertainers do a great job... The house reef offers opportunities for snorkelling and diving. The food is varied and balanced and always delicious. Our farewell was tearful and we will definitely be back soon."
( Holidaycheck Christine Approximate translation from original February 2018 )

"I never write reviews but this place deserves one. From the time we arrived in Marsa Alam airport everything has been great, the hotel, room, food, pools, beach but most of all the amazing friendly helpful staff... I will never understand why people complain about the food. Here it is fresh, plentiful, tasty and I am sure most people do not eat this well at home."
( Barbara February 2018 )

"Extremely clean facility with friendly and helpful staff. I stayed here with my friends for five days. Everyone was pleased with the hotel facilities. Very good destination for snorkeling and diving (the best). The room are cleaned everyday and there were varieties of delicious  food."
( Ahmed 13 September 2016 )

"The hotel for the amount of money you pay to stay is really exceeding expectations. I didn't believe we were getting all these services for the amount of money we paid. The staff is friendly, food is good and the resort is artistically beautiful."
( Mohamed 11 September 2016 ) 

"It's a very nice place with a beautiful beach and an amazing reef full of fish. If you want to relax, snorkel and have a great time without noise Utopia is an excellent choice."
( Pilnasci 5 May 2013 ) 

"Beautiful mid range hotel, ideal for relaxing but not for those seeking luxury.  Perfect for snorkeling and diving.  Reef nearby in good condition....  Very friendly staff."
( Matthias March 2012 ) 

"All together we found it reasonable for the price. We would recommend it for snorkelers and divers."
( Katrin March 2012 ) 

"Overall good, the hotel has an old and a new part. The old part could be updated, but for me personally it was sufficient, since I was only using the room for sleeping.  I'm going back next year again !"
( Thomas March 2012 ) 

"For the second year my wife and I enjoyed two excellent weeks in this friendly hotel. From the reception area ,bar staff, restuarant  to beach ,animation team,divers everyone made us so welcome."
( February 2008 )

"The rooms are fine, the pools are nice, they opened the new reception while we were there, which is better, however the food was terrible."  
( May 2008 )


"The house reefs here are paradise underwater. If you are a diver this is the best hotel on the line with its house reefs. I dive all around the Red Sea; really never seen something so magical underwater, if you don't know how to drive, learn how to diver there !" ( Mohamed 11 September 2016) 

"The very big plus of this hotel is the nice big beach with a beautiful reef. Perfect for snorkeling and diving. With such a reef, you don't need to go on any sea tours."
( Lena 21 March 2016 ) 

"The real strength of this hotel, which is the oldest in Marsa Alam... is its' location by the sea. A true spectacle of nature. You can just wade into the sea from the beach without using a walkway.... I had never done snorkeling before. I started equipped with snorkel and mask underwater camera (which I highly recommend purchasing for all trevelers). Fins are also essential as with them you don't have to struggle so much against the current. I've seen many tropical fish in the bay including the moray eel, race, barracuda and turtles."
( Ispanico1975 24 July 2013 )

"I saw moray eels, trumpet fish, clown fish, Napoleon fish, octopus and myriad types of other fish and all different colours...... and at one point I found myself in the midst of a shoal of at least 100 fish that seemed to play with me ! ....not to mention the fascinating reef that fronts the resort with its underwater canyon full of colourful corals and sponges etc."
( 10 May 2012 ) 

"Fantastic beach, swimming off the beach very clean, very nice"
( 30 April 2012 ) 

"Beautiful beach, which also extends outside the village, free and unspoiled, ideal for walks. And the sea is really beautiful, the reef wonderful with a multitude of multicoloured fish. We snorkeled for hours at just wading distance from the shore."
( 23 April 2012 ) 


"We had a family room - which entailed two huge rooms with an adjoining door and one bathroom. It was clean and very spacious with high ceilings. We also had a lovely balcony overlooking the grounds and were very close to all the facilities."
( Cara February 2013 )

"Comfortable and clean."
( 13 March 2012 )

"Rooms very clean and sunny and spacious."
( 30 April 2012 ) 


"The staff couldn't do enough to help us and our baby."
( Cara February 2013 )

"The staff of the resort and diving center is very friendly and not excessively intrusive. The animation team is also friendly and not intrusive."
( 16 May 2012 ) 

"International animation: very knowledgeable and nice guys, we spent an hour in the evening to follow them in their shows and it was great fun."
( 30 April 2012 ) 

"My wife and I had during our stay our wedding anniversary, the staff sang a song by Schubert - Standchen - and we got a cake with drinks. It was perfect."
( Franz March 2012 ) 


"We liked the bars and restaurants. All the week there were the same kinds of food but there was such a wide choice that we had been satisfied."
( Pilnasci 5 May 2013 )

"There is a wide variety of food. All good except the deserts, for which you are best sticking to the more traditional Middle Eastern/North African offerings."
( Cara February 2013 ) 

"Food and drink is pretty average here. Don't expect a great gourmet (treat) but at least no big gastrointestinal discomfort."
( Luca D. 21 September 2012 )

"The food was all right and for Egyptian standards not at all bad.  Certainly no one starved and I didn't hear anything about Pharaoh's revenge.  In the morning we stood in line at the scambled egg and omelet cooking station.... At lunch you could get at the beach bar fries, pizza ( or something like it ), noodles, rice meat fish and a salad bar and at the swimming pool they served hamburgers and hot dogs. Evenings had a changing theme (Italian, Egyptian and so on)...."
( Torsten March 2012 ) 

"The cooking is basically good and quite varied, rich in vegetables, just what you want for a beach holiday."
( 23 April 2012 ) 

You can book a room at Utopia Beach Resort by emailing - You don't need to pay a deposit as payment can be made on arrival. 


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