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Rooms: 113 including 12 suites.

Room facilities: Airconditioning, ensuite hot water power shower and WC, mini-bar and both indoor and outdoor sitting area.

Location: A remote place 120km south of the town of Marsa Alam. The resort is 2.5 hours drive (182km) south of Marsa Alam airport and about 30km north of the small town of Berenice.

Hotel facilities: Main restaurant (for breakfast and dinner) with panoramic views of the bay and lunch available on the diver boats or at the dive centre's cafe bar, large free form swimming pool, small souvenir shop, bedouin tent on the beach where guests can enjoy shisha and drinks in the evening, desert safaris and excursions to the camel markets of Shalateen.

Contact Details: As of 2019 we can't check the current contact details and so please be aware that the contact info posted here may no longer be relevant. 

Telephone +20 102 669 8800

Fax: + 20 65 3548048
( unfortunately this fax number may be outdated. )



As of 31 May 2019 it is possible that the resort has changed its name or closed as we can't find any current reference to the hotel on TripAdvisor or any reviews posted on its HolidayCheck page. However as of 3 March 2018 on TripAdvisor, the resort was the only one listed in its remote region near Berenice. 51,1% of reviewers rated the resort as either "very good" or "excellent" ( up from 40% in June 2012 ) while 30.4% had an experience which was either "poor" or "terrible." However it's important to note that, as of 3 March 2018, the resort hadn't had any reviews posted since 16 October 2015 and therefore the results were the same as when we last checked in January 2017.

On, as of 3 March 2018, Zabargad resort was rated overall at 5.0 out of six stars but that appeared to be based on just one recent review in January 2016. The reviewer rewarded the highest score to sport and entertainment at 6.0 and then other categories including service, rooms and gastronomy at 5.0 with just location lagging behind at 4.0. 

Earlier in January 2017, Zabargad was rated by Holidayheck reviewers at 5.2 out of six stars ( a great leap of improvement over the 3.4 stars it scored in June 2012 ) with the highest scores for service at 5.5 (up from 3.8), gastronomy at 5.3 (up from 3.4) and rooms at 5.2 (up from 4.1) with slightly lower but still respectable scores for sport at 5.1 (the previous rating not recorded here) and location at 4.9 (up from 2.9). 

Please find below a table showing the Holidaycheck results for the last three times we checked but please bear in mind that the scores for 3 March 2018 appear to be based on just one review posted in January 2016.

 Date  June 2012   Jan 2017   March 2018 
 hotel       3.4      5.2       5.0
 service       3.8      5.5       5.0
 gastronomy       3.4      5.3       5.0
 rooms       4.1      5.2       5.0
 sport & ent.         ?      5.1       6.0
 location       2.9      4.9       4.0

Lonely Planet says that it "caters primarily to those on all-inclusive packages booked from Germany."

Reviews on TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck were mixed but included many positive ones.


"A lot of sun and good temperatures in December and January. Nice swimming pools and nice accommodation. Suitable for families."
( Anouschka January 2016 )

"If you are in the deep south to dive, this hotel with the adjoining Emperor base is an excellent choice. The hotel has hardly any guests, so don't expect night life, animation or drinks served at the pool. As I don't like animation, I really like this hotel."
( Rolf 13 October 2015 ) 

"Good quality/price ratio"
( 21 May 2012 )

"An absolutely quiet "no frills" hotel for active divers."
( Dieter September 2011 )

"The Zabargad is a paradise for divers and those in search of peace. If you are looking for entertainment and shopping you are in the wrong place here."
( Beat April 2011 ) 

"Great hotel for divers. Very remote. No mass tourism. Great reefs."
( Gereon September 2010 ) 

"If you are a diver and not looking for nightlife, animation and other frills, then this hotel is excellent for you."
( 25 September 2011 ) 

"I would recommend Zabargad to everyone who wants to enjoy diving and snorkeling."
( 20 June 2011 ) 


"The pier was completed while we were there on vacation. It's perfect if you wish to go diving or snorkeling beyond the reef."
( 21 May 2012 ) 

"Nearby fantastic dive spots and one of the most beautiful shallow water lagoons, with ideal conditions for kite surfing."
( Kai November 2011 )  

"Superb snorkeling on the house reef. In five weeks I saw two dolphins, eleven reef sharks, thirty turtles, approximately fifty blue spotted sting rays, napoleons, barracuda and plenty of fish.   The best place to see the blue spotted string rays is outside the Azure hotel further down the road."
( 23 October 2011 )  

"There is no beach for swimming, water in the lagoon is only 10 to 20 cm, but the house reef in front of the hotel is great for snorkeling. The top of the reef drops down to 30 metres."
( 1 October 2011 ) 


"The staff is not always very fluent in English, but extremely friendly and helpful. This crew really made out stay memorable. So take them as they are and you will enjoy this place and don't forget to leave a good tip. Times are hard for the workers."
( Rolf 13 October 2015 ) 

"The service was excellent and whenever I needed anything, it was done fast and efficiently."
( 16 December 2011 )

"The hotel staff was very friendly and always tried to ensure that you were feeling good."
( Kai November 2011 ) 

"Friendly and helpful" 
( 1 October 2011 )  

"The service at the hotel was excellent, the rooms were clean and tidy and housekeeping was so helpful"
( 5 April 2011 ) 

"Souriant et surtout efficace ! "   ( Smiling and efficient ).
( July 2006 )


"The rooms have everything  you'll need: air conditioning, TV (although I never switched mine on), fridge (with a fresh 1.5l bottle of water every day), wardrobe with a digital safe (big enough for a laptop, camera and cash/passports). The beds are comfortable and clean. The bathroom, although dated, is roomy enough and everything works."
( Ross 30 September 2015 )

"Good rooms, spacious fridge, even lcd tv and satellite receiver with Italian programmes and a spacious fridge."
( 11 May 2012 ) 

"The rooms are quiet, clean and spacious."
( 24 April 2012 )

"The rooms made me feel like I was at home whick was nice. Everything was clean and neat."
( 16 December 2011 )

"The bungalows are extremely nice, big enough and with a TV, safe and fridge well equipped."
( Alex November 2011 )

"Large room, large refrigerator, free safe, good airconditioning unit with remote control, good beds and mattresses (but).... only five TV programs (two in Arabic, three in Italian) and rusty coloured water in the bathroom."
( Andreas November 2010 ) 

"The rooms are amazing for the money. They are very spacious, very clean, have a lovely bathroom with a shower, a plasma TV with cable, a big fridge, and have great views and they are cleaned everyday by fantastic staff who should be commended for their efforts."
( 23 October 2011 )  

"The rooms or bungalows are of Egyptian standard, but I have seen worse in Egypt.  Do not expect the quality finishing you would expect in Western Europe."
( 1 October 2011 ) 


"(The cooked food) is excellent and depending on the number of guests served as a set meal or if there are more than 10 guests served as a buffet. For the set meal, the cook will check with you beforehand if the choice is ok with you. It is among the best hotel food I tasted in Egypt. Believe me with more than 13 trips to Egypt I have some experience."
( Rolf 13 October 2015 ) 

"Breakfast was excellent and you could eat and drink as much as you wanted. The chef would always make you omelets and fresh pancakes and there was a good variety of food to choose from."
( 23 October 2011 )

"The food was very varied and good. The chef and staff were always helpful and friendly."
( Wolfgang September 2011 ) 

"The choice of food on offer was not huge, but it was tasty."
( Dieter September 2011 ) 


Check rates and book a room at Zabargad Resort with

Check rates and book a room at Zabargad Resort with

Check rates and book a room at Zabargad Resort with

Read the reviews on Zabargad Resort on

Read the reviews on Zabargad Resort on

                          Zabargad Photos.

                            The hotel front.

                  A Distinctive Architectural Style

                           Extensive Gardens

             A twin room at Zabargad resort.

                Above - View of the swimming pool.

                         Another pool view.

Youtube video tour around the resort and a room.
February 2012 - 2.28 minutes - over 600 views.

Short youtube slide show of the resort and reefs.
October 2009 - 47 seconds - over 1,800 views. 

Youtube - photos of the resort.
November 2011 - 1 minute - over 400 views.

                        The main restaurant

                    The beach at Zabargad.

                               The marina

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