Cairo has direct flights to and from most European countries and many countries worldwide.  So it is a convenient hub for many tourists who wish to fly to Marsa Alam but who find either that there is no direct flight from their country or that the timetable for the direct flights is limited or who simply prefer to travel business or first class on an upmarket national carrier rather than subject themselves to the sometimes arduous conditions of long haul charter flights.  Transiting at Cairo also gives you the opportunity to overnight or even spend a few days in one of the world’s largest and most historic cities. You can check out possible excursions on our Cairo page.

Flights to Marsa Alam, operated by Egypt Air, depart from terminal three at the international airport. It’s Cairo Airport’s most recent terminal completed in 2009 and it is also serves as the arrival terminal for some international flights including Egypt Air, Aegean, Austrian and Turkish Airlines. However, if you arrive at a different terminal don’t worry as there is a fast and efficient automated people mover linking terminals one and two with terminal three within five minutes.

Did you know ? Cairo Terminal 3 has 23 gates, 7 baggage carousels, 63 elevators and 50 moving walkways.



As of 14 March 2021, we could find availability for Egypt Air flights from Cairo to Marsa Alam on the following days. Flights normally take off from Marsa Alam on the return leg to Cairo about 40 minutes after landing. Please check all dates and times with Egypt Air before booking.

  • Thu 18 March Dep. 11.30 – Arr. 12.55.
  • Sun 21 March Dep. 11.30 – Arr. 12.55.
  • Thu 25 March Dep. 11.30 – Arr. 12.55.
  • Sun 28 March Dep. 09.20 – Arr. 10.45
  • Thu 1 April Dep. 09.20 – Arr. 10.45
  • Sun 4 April Dep. 09.20 – Arr. 10.45
  • Thu 8 April Dep. 09.20 – Arr. 10.45
  • Sun 11 April Dep. 09.20 – Arr. 10.45

As of 14 March 2021, this schedule of Sunday and Thursday departures taking off from Cairo at 09.20 and arriving at Marsa Alam at 10.45 continue until Thursday 28 October 2021. From Sunday 31 October, the Cairo take off times change to 10.30 am for Sundays and 11.30 am for Thursdays. These revised departure schedules appear to continue unchanged until Sunday 2 January 2022. We didn’t check any subsequent dates.

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