Sataya Reef ***** ( also Marsa Mubarak and Shony Bay Reefs )

Original price was: €66.00.Current price is: €59.00.

One of the world’s most likely places you will be able to get up close to and swim with wild dolphins.


Price includes return transport from your hotel, the boat, a professional snorkelling guide, all your snorkelling equipment, a freshly cooked onboard lunch, soft drinks, bottled water and the legally obligatory permit which guarantees you access to the protected area and contributes to the cost of the reef’s conservation.  The trip is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Although departure and return times do vary slightly according to the location of your hotel, generally you will be picked up around 5 am and return to your hotel at about 5 pm. The price quoted applies to tourists staying at all hotels up to 60 km from Marsa Alam, including all tourists staying either in or between Marsa Alam and Port Ghalib.  There may be a small surcharge for tourists staying at hotels in more distant locations.

Plus points – One of the world’s most likely places you will be able to get up close to and swim with wild dolphins. This is such fun, so life affirming and so interesting, that some have argued that such swimming could help cure depression.

The reef, with its’ beautifully intact coral and crystal clear waters is also one of the most beautiful underwater places in the world.  It’s only a short boat ride from Hamata and a large family of Spinner dolphins have made it their permanent home.

It’s a lot less well known than “Dolphin House” so visitor numbers are restricted so you won’t have to compete with too many tourists. Divers and snorkelers can also explore the coral reef.

Negatives – If you are very unlucky it’s possible most or all the dolphins might be sleeping but there’s still a lot of amazing marine life to explore around the reef.

See our Red Sea Dolphins page for fascinating facts on the world’s most intelligent sea mammal.

As well as Sataya Reef Steven also offers snorkelling trips from Port Ghalib Marina to Marsa Mubarak Reef or Shony Bay Reef for just 40 euros per person. These are both great places to encounter turtles and even the endangered dugong. They are normally available every day of the week and include your transfer from your hotel, all snorkelling equipment and much more. For all the relevant information please check out the Marsa Abu Dabbab page or you can book directly by contacting Steven by email –

Yet another alternative you can visit the popular Dolphin House for which you need to consult our Dolphin House page.