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Steven’s Taxis offers the most reliable, professional and best value taxi service in Marsa Alam. As of 20 May 2024, his company is rated #2 of 236 on Tripadvisor for outdoor activities based on 964 reviews and has a high 4.8 out of 5 rating based on 141 Google Reviews. Steven can arrange airport pick-ups by air-conditioned saloon or minibus as well as excursions locally or indeed anywhere in Egypt. You can contact him by email at or on WhatsApp on +20 1284332337.


Please note the new safety regulations to ensure the safety of all our passengers and drivers due to the covid 19 pandemic. We can now only carry a maximum of two passengers per taxi and a maximum of 8 passengers per minivan. We also offer one free face mask per person and one free hand sanitizer per vehicle for each journey. Every vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out, with particular attention to the seats and door handles, as soon as passengers leave.


Steven’s Taxis are offering all passengers even lower prices than four years ago and have updated the price list accordingly.

Transfers by private air conditioned taxi for prices start at just 12 euros one way.   The 12 euro one way fare includes transfers to Jaz Alaya, Jaz Dar El Madina, Jaz Lamaya, Jaz Maraya, Jaz Samaya, Jaz Solaya, Marina Lodge, Marina View Port Ghalib, The Palace Port Ghalib, Port Ghalib Resort, Port Ghalib Marina, Resta Club, Resta Reef, Resta Grand, Steigenberger Coraya, Three Corners Fayrouz and Three Corners Sea Beach. For other hotels please consult the table below.


Your driver can supply a sim card for your mobile, iPad or laptop at the prices advertised on the sim card page.  – For more info email or tel: +201284332337.


No need to pay a deposit as you can pay on arrival but you should, if possible, book online first in order to get both the low online prices and any special offers. Please also note that actual bookings for taxis can only be made online or by phone  – to book please email or contact Steven via WhattsApp on +20 1284332337. 

Please don’t forget to mention your destination, the date and time of your arrival and your flight number. Steven will respond to your email within a few hours. 

Don’t worry if your flight is delayed as Steven monitors flight arrivals live at Marsa Alam using the mobile internet and so there won’t be any extra charge if your flight is late and there’ll still be someone waiting for you even if your flight arrives early. If your hotel or desired journey is not listed below please contact Steven for further information.


Steven’s Taxis also offers a special platinum service, which includes your own dedicated multilingual guide who will meet you at Marsa Alam Airport as well as a 5 GB sim card for each person provided free for your internet browsing and a free bottle of water for each person as well as free drinks of cola or juice and a brochure with a map of the area. All for just 12 euros extra per passenger. 


[For Hurghada Arrivals – please see the table below this one]

One way prices when booked online from Marsa Alam Airport. Please add 2 euros to all airport transfers for the cost of an airport entrance ticket. For trips to Luxor, Aswan and Cairo please add 20 euro for the travel permit for a saloon (up to 3 passengers) and 30 euro for a minivan (up to 8 passengers). The prices for Luxor, Aswan and Cairo exclude travel permits of 20 euros for a saloon car (up to 3 passengers) and 30 euros for a minivan (up to 8 passengers)

Destination/Destinazionesaloon (euro)
machinna (euro)
Abu Dabbab Lodge/Resort2233
Abu Nawas Resort2436
Akassia Sentido2535
Alam B&B Hostel3451
Albatross Sea World3552
Alexander the Great Resort2436
Amarina Jannah Resort1018
Amarina Queen Resort2436
Aswan230 one way
+ 20 travel permit
280 Return same day
+ 20 travel permit
Aurora Bay Resort3045
Badawia Resort2030
Beach Safari Resort2436
Berenice Town6090
Best Western Solitaire2131
Blend Elphinstone2436
Bliss Abo Nawas2436
Bliss Nada Beach Resort2030
Blue Lagoon4060
Blue Reef2436
Blue Vision Diving Hotel2131
Brayka Bay2639
Cairo300 one way
+ 20 travel permit
461 Return same day + 20 travel permit.
420 one way + 30 Travel permit .
Casa Blue Resort1525
Casa Mare Resort1525
Club Calimera Akassia3045
Club Calimera Habiba2436
Concorde Moreen Beach1928
Coral Hills Resort2540
Crystal Beach2436
Deep Blue Inn3149
Deep South Eco Lodge3857
Diving Station – Reef Villa2436
Dream Lagoon3555
Dreams Beach Resort2740
Eco Lodge Bedouin Valley3857
El Gouna75105
El Quseir Hotel3555
El Quseir (excursion or transfer)3555
Fanadir Resort3350
Falamenco Beach4060
Floriana Dream Lagoon3350
Floriana Emerald Lagoon3350
Gemma Beach Resort4060
Gorgonia Resort5070
Hamata (town and harbour)71106
Helioland Beach6596
Hilton Nubian2030
Hotelux Oriental Coast2639
Hurghada (airport/city)5075
Iberotel Costa Mares1018
Jaz Alaya1018
Jaz Dar El Madina1018
Jaz Grand Resta1018
Jaz Lamaya Resort1018
Jaz Maraya Resort1018
Jaz Resta1018
Jaz Samaya1018
Jaz Solaya1018
Julia Beach2334
La Casa Guest House3451
Lady Queen Apartments3451
Laguna Beach Resort3857
Lahami Bay6090
Lazuli Hotel/Beach Resort3857
Life Resorts Coral Hills2540
Light House Marsa Alam3451
Luxor110 One way
+ 20 travel permit
150 return same day
+ 20 travel permit
Makadi Bay2030
Malikia Resort Abu Dabbab2030
Mangrove Bay Resort2740
Marina Port Ghalib1018
Marina Residence Port Ghalib1018
Marina View Port Ghalib1018
Marsa Alam town3451
Marsa Nakari3857
Marsa Shagra Village2436
MG Alexander The Great2436
Moon Resort/Moon Azur2436
Movenpick El Qusier3555
Novotel Resort3045
Onatti Beach3146
Oriental Bay2131
Oyster Bay Beach1928
Pensee Azur Resort3045
Pickalbatros Oasis.1018
Pickalbatros Sands1018
Pickalbatros Palace Port Ghalib1018
Pickalbatros Villaggio- Portofino 2030
Port Ghalib Marina 1018
Protels Crystal Beach Resort2436
Queen Marsa Alam Resort2436
Quseir (transfer or excursion)52ask
Radisson Blu (El QUseir)3555
Radisson Marina Port Ghalib1018
Rayhana Guest House3451
Reef House Marsa Alam3154
Reef Oasis Suakin4060
Rohanou Beach Resort & Ecolodge3146
Roots Red Sea3146
Royal Brayka Beach2537
Sahl Hasheesh2030
Sataya Resort2030
Sea View House Marsa Alam3154
Sentido Akassia3045
Shams Alam4060
Shony Bay2233
Silver Beach Redsea Resort4263
Solymar Reef1018
Steigenberger Coraya1018
Steigenberger Resort Alaya1018
Sunrise Anjum4060
Sunrise Marina Resort Port Ghalib1018
Three Corners Equinox El Naaba2030
Three Corners Aqua3451
Three Corners Fayrouz1018
Three Corners Happy Life2030
Three Corners Sea Beach1018
True Beach Resort3555
Utopia Resort2540
Wadi Lahami Village6090
Wadi Lahmy Azur/Lahami Bay6090
Wadi Sabarah Lodge 2436

Taxi transfer prices from Hurghada Airport

Destination/Destinazionesaloon (euro)
machinna (euro)
All Hurghada hotels1015
All El Gouna hotels2645
All Makadi Bay hotels2645
All Sahl Hasheesh hotels2645
Marsa Alam hotels north of Port Ghalib5075
Port Ghalib hotels5282
Marsa Alam hotels south of Port GhalibPlease askPlease ask

Photo of man rowing boat in the Nile at Luxor

Professional and Friendly

“Professional and friendly… Great service.. They respond really quick and on point.
Our driver Samir made the long journey very comfortable and safe for us. He always had a smile of his face even though he had to wait more than an hour for us to leave get the luggage..”
Ionut A.
Tripadvisor Review November 2020
Steven at his desk

Steven’s Commitment

Vehicles will be maintained to the highest standards of mechanical performance, tidiness, cleanliness and presentation. All cars will carry a first aid kit and phone in case of any emergency.

Steven’s Chauffeurs

Chauffeurs will all be fluent in English and some of them will also be fluent in Italian or German. ( Please let Steven know if you need a driver fluent in a language other than English. )

Chauffeurs will be always smartly dressed and show impeccable behaviour and manners and be customer focused throughout their work.

Chauffeurs will enquire if the passenger feels too hot or too cold to ensure that the air conditioning is kept at just the right level.  

Chauffeurs will assist passengers at all times with any baggage and with entering and exiting the vehicle. 

Chauffeurs will inform their passengers of an estimated time of arrival at their destination.  

Chauffeurs will drive safely and ask their passengers if they are happy with the driving style.  

Otherwise, chauffeurs will not initiate conversation but will always be sociable, polite and answer any questions passengers may have.    

Chauffeurs will meet passengers at the airport with a board carrying the passenger’s name written in neat writing.  

Philae Temple at Aswan
The Nile at Aswan
The Pyramids of Giza stand on the edge of Cairo
A typical busy main street in Cairo
The Temple of Hatshepsut at Luxor
Take home some amazing photos – Luxor
Karnak Temple – Luxor

Photo attributions: Philae Temple by DEZALB via, The Nile at Aswam by KHGraf via The Pyramids by 8moments via, A Cairo street by 8moments via, The Temple of Hapshetsut by Jarekgrafik via, Man photographing in a temple by Julia Barbosa via, Karnak Temple – Luxor by DEZALB via and man rowing a boat on the Nile at Luxor by Colin Stan via