Day trips from just 58 euros per person – schedules and details below.

For more info or to book contact or via WhatsApp on +201284332337.

Taking a day out fishing at sea is a great way to relax, bond with new friends and to treat yourself to freshly cooked fish.  

You couldn’t imagine a better place for sea fishing.  A warm climate, even in winter with beautiful turquoise waters and relatively calm and warm seas that teem with fish all year round, unlike other seas which are more seasonal.  There are also some idyllic coral reef lagoons and bays for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing.     

You will have a great time, and you have a great chance of catching a real sea monster that will give you an incredible memory as well as providing you and your friends with a sumptuous meal.  Enjoy your trip but don’t relax too much, because the reel will suddenly start singing and you will usually be surprised by what you find at the end !  

One of Steve's customers with a very large fish
One of Steven’s customers can barely lift the fish he caught. 


To make the most of your trip make a check list before leaving. 

You’ll need to take your passport with you as this is often required on leaving Egyptian harbours.  But equally essential are appropriate clothing, warm clothes in winter and a cap and/or sun cream in summer.

Remember to bring a towel, swimwear and snorkeling gear if you want to explore any of the island reefs or just jump in for a cool off. 

Don’t assume, without asking first, that your boat will provide your fishing equipment for you so make sure you  will have the fishing tackle, bait and any other equipment you need.  We don’t know of anywhere in Marsa Alam where you can rent or buy this at the moment so you may need to go to Hurghada or check first that your boat captain can provide equipment. 

Your guide or boat captain may also be able to advise you on how best to use your equipment, whether the tackle is of the right strength and how to avoid getting it ensnared on the coral.  

Some boat trips provide their guests with on board meals but do check first and take a little of your own food or drink if you think you might not be happy with what’s provided.   Also, remember that however tasty the fish might be – if you try to eat all your catch in one go you might not feel too well later. 

You can also take your mobile as there’s normally a reasonably good reception for at least two or three kilometres off shore although you can never be sure.

One of Steven’s customers with a large tuna.
Great on board competition & comradeship & fun.


Please also check with your Captain what is legal in terms of equipment and fish types that can be caught. This may change according to the season. Fishing nets, harpoons and spearguns are never allowed.  Also in some Red Sea areas, such as the Wadi El Gemal and Gebel Elba Marine Parks, fishing is not permitted so seek guidance first.  

The last time we checked there were 1248 identified species of fish in the Red Sea (see also our Red Sea fish page), of which more than two hundred existed in plentiful numbers however do seek advice from your Captain about environmental issues.  It is strictly prohibited to fish on or close to the reefs or to fish for turtles, sharks, Napoleons and certain other fish types. But, as of the time of writing, across most of the Egyptian Red Sea most forms of recreational fishing are legal providing the captain has obtained the appropriate permits and limits the fishing to the areas specified in the permit. 

Finally, please don’t leave rubbish anywhere – especially plastic as this is easily ingested by birds, turtles and other marine animals.  

Two more satisfied customers.


A local agent Steven can organize a fishing and snorkeling trip from anywhere in the Marsa Alam area.   His company, Steven’s Taxis, has an excellent reputation for tours and excursions on TripAdvisor.

He offers day trips from just 58 euros per person up to 450 euros for sole daily use of a skippered large fishing boat.

For any information which is not included below or if you wish to book you can contact Steven  via his email at or via WhatsApp on +201284332337.  The earlier you book ahead the better, especially in the busier summer and Christmas periods.

The  Nadeen Safaga used for Marsa Alam excursions


( The Qulaan Archipelago )

Steven is currently offering an amazing value 58 euro per person all-in fishing and snorkelling day trip to the remote but beautiful Hamata Islands. The price is still the same as we used to offer five years ago, so this really is an incredible offer. 

The four Hamata Islands are located off the remote and wild southern Red Sea Riviera of Egypt, about 130 km south of Marsa Alam and 45 km north of the small settlement of Berenice, an area which until very recently was seldom visited. 

The islands are fringed with some of the most beautifully diverse coral reefs you can find anywhere in the world, white sandy beaches and tranquil lagoons where you can snorkel and also see some of the many species of birds who have made the islands their home. You can also frequently find dugongs, dolphins, rays, clown fish and marine turtles enjoying the diverse biological habitats which surround the islands, as well as hundreds of other colourful examples of Red Sea marine life. 

The price is based on four or more people sharing the trip and includes your skipper, who is also your guide for the day and your cook, all your fishing equipment, a freshly prepared on board lunch, soft drinks, plenty of bottled water and your pick up and transfer back to your hotel anywhere within 60 km of Marsa Alam. A small surcharge will apply to more distant hotels. It is also possible to take fewer than four people but a minimum charge of 130 euros applies due to the high fixed costs involved. 

One more satisfied customer –  Off Hamata.


Transfer from your hotel by private A/C vehicle.

Early pick up from your hotel – usually 6.30 – 7.30 am

Multi-lingual expert guide

National Park entrance fees

All snorkelling, fishing and diving equipment

Seven hour plus trip in a large licensed sea going boat

Mineral water, tea and soft drinks

A freshly cooked on board lunch

No surprise taxes or extras. 

A 50% discount for children up to 11 years.

The Hamata Islands are also known as the Qulan Archipelago and consist of four (not three as stated by some tour operators) islands – Siyal, Shawarit, Umm al-Shaykh and Mahabis – located between 3 and 7 km from the coast.  There is also a small fifth island formed only at high tide but connected at low tide with the Hamata mangrove shoreline.  

All the islands fall within the Wadi El Gamal National Park in which you can find over 450 species of coral and over 1200 species of fish. It is also a great place to come across the enchanting dugong and hawksbill turtles, often found grazing on the sea grass meadows which fringe the islands, as well as the acrobatic and inquisitive spinner dolphin. Green turtles are also known to nest on Siyal island from May to November. 

The islands are also a great birdwatching sanctuary with larges colonies of turns and gulls. Bird species which inabit the Archipelago include the threatened Sooty falcon, the Bridled Tern (often in large numbers), the Caspian Tern, the Green-backed heron, the Reef heron, the Red Billed tropic bird, the European Spoonbill, the Ruddy Turnstone, the Western Reef Egret, the White-eyed gull, the osprey and Hemphric’s gull.

Care has to be taken at all times not to damage this unique and precious environment which harbours many endangered species of coral, sea and bird life. You are kindly requested not to drop any litter and all fishing is done by pole and line and only of permitted species in authorized areas in deep water at some distance from the islands. 

A portion of the charge per ticket (very approximately 40 LE or about two euros) Steven makes is paid for the National Park entrance charge – this goes towards a government administered budget which is spent on the Wadi El Gamal reserve, part of which contributes to the protection of the coast and local wildlife and part towards helping to support the local nomadic Ababda population.


  • Never fish shark, turtles, Napoleons, ornamental fish or sea cucumber.
  • A few other fish species, though not endangered, are better to avoid fishing.
  • Certain fish types cannot be fished during their spawning months.
  • Never fish on or near a coral reef.
  • Do not fish in the Marine Protected Areas of Wadi El Gemal or Gebel Elba.
  • Never use a fishing net, harpoon or speargun.
  • Avoid catching young fish.
  • Do not touch the coral.
  • Do not leave rubbish – especially plastics.
A boat used by Steven and carrying this web address.
Another satisfied customer.


One of the boats we use is the 21 metre vessel, Nadeen Safaga (shown in some of the photos on this page ), has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a sun deck with a seating capacity for up to twelve passengers.  

It also has a spacious and comfortable lounge where you can eat or  relax with a cup of tea or soft drinks and if you wish watch satellite television.  The boat is fully equipped with all the latest  navigation, radio communications and safety equipment, including life jackets, and there is also a comprehensive first aid kit including sea sick medication should you need it.

The captain will also provide you with all the fishing equipment you might need including trolling tackle, still fishing tackle, hooks of different sizes, sinkers in various sizes, line swivels, fillet knives, needle pliers, scissors, hook extractors etc.

Larger and even more luxurious boats can also be arranged and for those wanting the convenience of a boat moored close to their hotel Steven can organize boat trips from Port Ghalib.

Getting ready to depart.


Trips can usually be designed according to your own interests subject to availability and the necessary permits. A day trip might typically start off when you are collected by car at 7am from your Marsa Alam hotel. One of the boats we use is based at Hamata harbour located on the southernmost, and until now seldom visited, section of Egypt’s Red Sea riviera.  The departure time might be about 9am. 

The first hour of fishing could be spent trolling and then followed by two hours bottom fishing.  After that a swim at a beautiful sandy bay followed by lunch and then on to another area for more bottom fishing before returning to Hamata Harbour by around 4.30pm.

You will then be driven back to your hotel to be dropped off at about 7pm.  All our boat skippers are fishing experts with years of experience and will be happy to give you any advice or help you need.  

Relaxing on the upper deck


Steven can also provide longer multi-day trips.  The price for the entire boat for 24 hours is 650 euros and it can accommodate up to 8 passengers for these longer excursions ( which would work out at 82 euros per person) plus the price of a return taxi.* 


Steven can also arrange an all-in fishing and snorkeling day trip from Marsa Alam on any day of the week in a glass bottom boat for just 58 euros per person.** You can get amazing views of the coral reefs through the glass and then once you’ve reached your destination you can spend your time snorkeling and fishing. This represents amazing value and is great fun and at the same time you can learn a lot about the coral reefs and the amazingly varied sea life of the Red Sea. 

The boat leaves from a location 14 km south of Marsa Alam but you don’t need to worry about finding it as we will pick you up from your hotel at around 8 am so there will be enough time for you to have breakfast at the hotel and on returning you will be driven back to your hotel, arriving back at around 5.30 pm so you won’t miss your evening meal.      

Steven also arranges specialised fishing trips twice a week, depending on the weather, for just 79 euros per person (minimum six people)for a day trip including food, drinks, permits, transfers from and back to your hotel and all fishing equipment or 450 euros for the entire boat. 

 Tucking into a freshly cooked fish dish.


There are over one thousand species of fish to be found including  Giant Barracuda, Groupers, Bonitos, Dorado, Giant Coral Trouts, Trevally, Skipjack Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Emperors and many more.  You can read more about some of these species on our Red Sea fish page.

However I would be remiss if I didn’t add that you should check with your captain to ensure that you will be able to fish any particular fish species you might be interested in taking into account factors such as the area in which the boat will be sailing, seasonal factors and any change in environmental considerations.

* The minimum number required at this price is six but don’t worry if you are only two as we can usually find two others to team up.   A lower price can be negotiated for ten or more people.

**100 euros from any Marsa Alam hotel or if a minibus then 200 euros – the minibus is capable of transporting five or more passengers.  The total cost for a boat and minibus transport for eight people would work out at 122 euros per person. 

An upbeat expectant look- there’s a fish on the line.


March 2014 – One of Steven’s customers reals in a tuna fish – one of several large fish he caught on a one day fishing excursion. For more information contact or via WhatsApp on +20 1284332337.